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Marketing Profs

The Meteoric Rise of Podcasting--and Podcast Advertising [Infographic]

Advertising are pouring money into podcast ads, and for good reason. The audiences tend to be targeted, tech-savvy, high-income-earning, and educated. Check out who's listening and why your brand

A Guide to Using Video in Your Sales Prospecting

Sales emails are often easily overlooked, but adding video to your emails can give your company the competitive edge. Here's a guide on how to do that and which tools can help. Read the full article

Frenemies: The Battle of Rival Brand Fans on Social Media

The assumption is that negative comments of rival fans hurt the involved brands--at least on the social media channels on which those comments and interactions take place. But is that really the case?

The 25 Most Relevant Brands to US Consumers

Apple, Amazon, and Pinterest are the most relevant brands to consumers in the United States, according to recent research from Prophet. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Word-of-Mouth: Why Chatter Matters for Your Brand [Infographic]

Are your marketing efforts overlooking one of the most effective channels: word-of-mouth? Getting people to talk about and recommend your brand can have a huge impact on conversions. See who people

Six Ways to Increase Revenue With Email Personalization

Increase your email program's ROI by knowing your who customers are and what content they want to see. Use these six methods to personalize your emails beyond the basics. Read the full article at

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Before investing time and money into video marketing, make sure you have a strategy that aligns with your business goals. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

The State of B2B Marketing Data Quality in 2018

B2B marketers increasingly believe data quality is key to successful campaigns but nearly half are not confident in the quality of their own data, according to recent research from Dun &

The Influence of Instagram [Infographic]

Instagram has major potential to bring awareness to your brand--and you don't always have to pay celebrity prices to be seen. The channel is growing fast, in part thanks to the influence of advocates

Eight Growth-Marketing Lessons From WeWork's Rapid Rise (And Its Imminent Global Domination)

WeWork started as a local coworking space, but it quickly grew to become a global force in other industries. What makes WeWork's growth so impressive compared with competitors', and what can its story

2019 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: A First Look at New Research

Here are the 2019 B2B content marketing research results from MarketingProfs and CMI. See what key actions and approaches you can take to improve your own content marketing program. Read the full

Hearing Voices: How to Create Impact With the Right Voiceover [Infographic]

How should you select your voiceover talent? A report explains what guides marketers to select the voices they do and how the right voice can create a true, emotional connection with your audience.

How Your Business Can Win at Voice Search

Want to future-proof your business for search--and more? Make sure you provide relevant, contextual answers to consumers' voice searches. Here's how. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Five Ways to Use Video in Your Hiring Process

Video is useful for more than just your marketing. Imagine using videos to make your hiring and onboarding processes more efficient. Here's how a video content management system can help you do that.

Influencing B2B Sales: Buyers' Favorite Conferences, Social Networks, and Analysts

Which in-person events, social networks, and industry analyst firms have the greatest influence on B2B buyers? Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Social Selling for LinkedIn: Seven Practical Tips [Infographic]

LinkedIn can do more than help you find a job. It's a great tool for selling your products and services as well. Here's how to use the platform to drive conversions. Read the full article at

Are Your Value Propositions Working?

Great deal! Buy now!! But why should people buy from your brand over the competition? That's where your value proposition comes in. Here are five steps to test whether your value prop is helping you

Holiday Shopping Trends for 2018: Consumers' Spend and Gift Plans

Most consumers plan to spend the same or more on holiday gifts this year compared with last year, according to recent research from OpenX and The Harris Poll. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

How Hyper-Personalization and Localization Can Give You a Competitive Edge [Infographic]

Personalization. Everyone's doing it, so is it even special anymore? Enter localization and hyper-personalization--"real-time and discernible data to fashion supremely contextual communication

How to Use an Agile Marketing Strategy to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

As a marketer, you've likely asked yourself or your team how you can best deliver value to your customers. Adopting an Agile marketing strategy might well be the best answer to that question. Read the