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Marketing Profs

64 Statistics That Will Guide Your Content Marketing [Infographic]

A smart content plan can make your content marketing efforts more effective. But how do you know what content to focus on? This infographic shares stats about content marketing that can help you

How to Get Sales Prospects to Care About Your Marketing Content

Creating content is a waste of time if your target audience isn't consuming it. Here are three steps to creating content that prospects will care about. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

From Data to Actionable Intelligence: How Not to Sabotage Good Data With Bad Reporting

You have data, but that doesn't mean you have actionable intelligence. Knowing how to report on that data is what helps you tell the stories you want to share. And the process might be simpler—and

The Correlation Between Mobile Page Speed and Search Rankings

There is a significant correlation between fast mobile page load times and ranking toward the top of Google's mobile search engine results pages, according to recent research from Searchmetrics. Read

The Science of Sharing: Who, What, Where, and Why [Infographic]

How can you encourage your audience to share your social media content? Understand who they are, what they want to share, which platforms they share on, and why they share. A good place to start is

How to Identify Offline B2B Influencers by Using Online and Offline Methods

B2B influencer marketing can be tricky because B2B influencers may not have a big online presence. Here's how you can find offline influencers so you can combine online and offline efforts to improve

Measuring Sponsorship ROI: Marketers' Favorite Metrics

Most marketers do not have a standardized process for measuring the return on investment of their sponsorships, according to recent research from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and

Facebook vs. Google: AdRank Auction Factors [Infographic]

Which advertising platform is best for your business? Check out how both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads work to get yourself ready to make some bids.

The Secret to ABM Success: How to Use Private Investigator Skills to Build a Winning Program

Pull out your magnifying glass and read on to learn how to dig up clues about accounts and create a winning ABM program. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

How to Spot Authentic (and Fake) Instagram Influencers

Can you spot a real from a fake? Here are some tips to determine whether the Instagram influencers you work with are as influential as they claim. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

The State of Marketing Technology in 2018

In 2018, nearly two-thirds (65%) of companies will increase their marketing technology budgets from 2017 levels, according to recent research from Walker Sands. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Why Email Still Reigns Supreme [Infographic]

Email is one of the earliest digital marketing channels, and despite competition from other, newer, channels... it's still one of the most effective. See why that is, and get tips to make your email

How to Launch Your First Employee Advocacy Program, and Why You Should

Want to increase your social presence while also boosting employee engagement? Here are 10 steps to launching a successful employee advocacy program. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

The Biggest Barriers to Successful Marketing Attribution

Marketers say technology and data challenges are the biggest barriers to successful marketing attribution, according to recent research from Ascend2. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Writing Explainer Video Scripts [Infographic]

Explainer videos are a useful and fun way to introduce your audience to your products or services, and—when they are done well—they can be extremely effective. Read on for dozens of tips on how to

The 5Ws (and 1H) of Marketing Success: Adapting Messaging Strategy on the Fly

To reach more customers at the right time in the right channels, marketers need to adapt messages for the different niche mediums and channels customers use during key parts of the customer journey.

Creating Weekly SEO Reports Doesn't Have to Suck

Whether you create SEO reports internally or for clients, creating the right template and reporting on the most vital data will make your job easier and help you prove ROI. Read the full article at

How Job Candidates Evaluate Potential Employers

Job candidates say the factors most damaging to a potential employer's brand are a reputation for poor work-life balance and excessive turnover, according to recent research from MRINetwork. Read the

Unanswered Calls: The Plague of Paid Search ROI [Infographic]

Paid search results that drive phone contact can have high ROI, but you won't see the results you want if your business is missing calls. Here are eight steps you can take to make sure you capture

10 Steps Marketers Can Take to Prepare for 'California's GDPR'

Phew—you survived GDPR! Time to relax and... wait, what? The California Consumer Privacy Act was recently passed? Here's how marketers can get ahead of the competition by preparing for the new