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Philadelphia Business News

Will New Jersey have legal weed by Halloween? That could be tricky

Will New Jersey have legal weed by Halloween? Gov. Murphy predicted this would happen by Oct. 29 but lawmakers now say December is more likely.

Philadelphia Fusion gaming team gears up for second season

The Comcast Spectacor-owned Philadelphia Fusion are working to make its second season even bigger.

Speed cameras highlight year one of Philly's safe streets project

Speed cameras are a big win for the city, but there is a slate of more improvements ahead.

Extend the Broad Street Line north, make parking permits more expensive, and more radical ideas to calm Philly's traffic woes and make us a better city | Opinion

We've tapped some advocates and experts for radical ideas for what Philadelphia can do to address our transportation problems and make us a better city.

David's Bridal stops payment as private-equity owner seeks finance deal

Not paying debts was a "strategic decision" to force concessions by "aggressive" private-equity owners.

Volkswagen is moving on from the Beetle. Here are some options to fill the void.

Volkswagen has announced that 2019 will be the Bug's final year. But forget the counterculture crying, the looking back to Nazi Germany, and the air-cooled lamenting - find other ways to go retro

After Canada legalizes pot, industry eyes rest of the world

MONTREAL (AP) - Cam Battley is a top executive at one of Canada's biggest marijuana companies, but he isn't sticking around to savor the country's historic pot legalization.

Colorado marijuana sales exceeded $1B through August

DENVER (AP) - A Colorado reports shows marijuana sales in the state have exceeded $1 billion as of August of this year, with tax revenue from those sales reaching $200 million.

Hershey School house parents sue charity over religion, retaliation

The Philadelphia federal suit is the latest action bringing attention to an apparent evangelical fervor at the free Milton Hershey School, the nation's richest private school.

This Philly dating service charged an 85-year-old widow $4,750 and gave her one option

"I think they're just taking advantage of people like me, who are thinking they're lonely," says one woman who says she was duped.

Netflix, Amazon leave little room for streaming latecomers

Just 16 percent of U.S. broadband homes subscribe to three or more video services, according to researcher Parks Associates.

Job growth is found to be no cure for a community's poverty

"Job growth is not sufficient by itself to create upward mobility."

Thinking big in small spaces: Six tiny-living tricks

"We don't need as much space as we think we do," said Erin Boyle, who blogs about "Life in a Tiny Apartment." "Limit yourself to the space you have."

ACA premium rates down in Pa., but some people may owe more

Premium rates for health insurance plans sold through the Affordable Care Act marketplace are going down in 2019, but Philadelphia-area residents who bought plans with a tax subsidy last year may be

Comcast says that almost 58 million homes can get gigabit service

Comcast Corp. says it can now offer gigabit speeds to nearly all of its residential and business customers, or nearly 58 million homes in the United States.

On the market: Energy-efficient custom-built home near Wissahickon Park for $845,000

"We were searching for an energy-efficient and smaller home closer to the Wissahickon," the owner said. "As there was nothing appealing out there, we purchased a lot and built with the help of an