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NRA responds to boycott movement after United and Delta cut ties

The airlines are the latest and some of the largest of more than a dozen major corporations to cut dies with the gun rights lobby after Florida's high school massacre.

Toyota, Hyundai recall roughly 110,000 vehicles

NEW YORK (AP) - Toyota and Hyundai have recalled roughly a combined 110,000 trucks and sport utility vehicles, including the 2018 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia, and the 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe

United and Delta join growing list of companies in backlash against NRA

NEW YORK (AP) - United and Delta join growing list of companies in backlash against NRA.

Walmart's latest Amazon weapon: A 16-foot tower to distribute online orders

Walmart debuted a new pickup tower at its Kennett Square store on Friday. It resembles a giant high-tech vending machine. It is the first pickup tower in the region and one of 120 across the country.

Philadelphia nonprofits form health-care partnership for homeless

Health Partners Plans, Philadelphia Fight, and Broad Street Ministry announced a collaboration to help improve health care for homeless individuals.

Ira Lubert joins Safeguard insurgents

He joins Safeguard Scientifics shareholder Darren Wallis in an insurgent slate of candidates that intend to run for Safeguard Scientifics board seats, according to a document delivered to Safeguard

Former Comcast worker claiming lewd culture launches online petition

A former Comcast Corp. employee has sued, claiming a sexually hostile call center. A petition she launched is gaining signatures. Comcast says it investigates each complaint.

What Trump gets wrong about the new Philly-designed London embassy

A new design by Philadelphia's KieranTimberlake attempts to humanize embassy design in the Age of Terror.

Silicon Valley food start-up best known for its vegan mayo thinks it can cure malnutrition in Africa

Just has far grander ambitions than turning the U.S. food market on its head. This month, it's going public with a product it describes as its solution to addressing West African malnutrition.

Rittenhouse Square tower plan tweaked to add hotel-length stays and $2.5M-and-up condos

Southern Land Co. decided to offer stays of as little as a few nights at a time in furnished units within the 48-story tower at 1911 Walnut St. in response to demand for hotel-style accommodations in

Financial partners drop NRA after Fla. school shootings

Twenty years ago, "we had the chance to get the NRA affinity relationship, and we passed," because of "the assault weapons issue."

Forgot about that joint? Vegas airport lets people dump pot

LAS VEGAS (AP) - What happens in Vegas really can stay in Vegas.

Philadelphia Housing Authority: Trump's budget would mean $90 million less for us

Trump budget proposal for fiscal 2019 calls for cuts to a number of social programs, including HUD. Philadelphia, which in fiscal year 2017 received $91.5 million from HUD, has argued that cuts to the

Costco or Amazon Prime? More shoppers choosing both

Fifty-seven percent of Costco members also pay for Amazon Prime, up from 13 percent in 2013, according to a survey of 2,500 consumers conducted last month for boutique research firm MoffettNathanson.

Court dismisses claim that government illegally hacked computers to prosecute child-porn case

A Bensalem man claimed his computer had been illegally hacked by the U.S. government in a child pornography investigation that the FBI described as "unprecedented in its scope and reach."

Taxes: What you need to know to deduct medical expenses

The major tax reform package that Congress passed in late December kept that deduction and put the threshold for claiming medical expenses at 7.5 percent. The threshold is retroactive for 2017 and can

How Bryn Mawr Village found its Main Line shopping niche

Bryn Mawr Village in 2016 introduced Main Line shoppers to a different type of center with retail and office space and a diverse set of service-oriented tenants.

Rothman Institute in Philly will study medical marijuana for pain relief

"Pennsylvania could be the center of medical cannabis research for the country, given the way the state program is setting up," one executive said.