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IB Times: Economy

Turkey defies Trump: Erdogan increases tariffs on US imports, escalating feud

Ankara will impose extra tariffs on imports of rice, vehicles, alcohol, coal and cosmetics.

German economy defies trade gloom with strong growth

Germany's economy, Europe's biggest, grew by 0.5 percent compared with the previous three-month period.

Turkish lira crisis: Turkey facing currency meltdown and credit crunch fears

The Turkish lira tumbled another 7 percent as the central bank's measures failed to restore investor confidence.

Sun shines on UK economy as growth rebounds

Warmer weather fueled UK construction and consumer spending after snow and ice curtailed activity in March.

Turkey plan 'new economic model' amid currency crash and crisis over US pastor

A weak currency, high borrowing, and conflict with the Trump administration point to long-term economic problems for Turkey.

Russia fury at 'US sanctions assembly line' for Salisbury nerve agent attacks

The State Department announced a new set of sanctions Wednesday against Russia for its alleged role in a chemical attack in the United Kingdom

Trump's trade war: China's exports to U.S robust despite president's tariff hike

Trump administration announced it would go ahead with previously announced 25 percent tariffs on an additional $16 billion of Chinese imports.

Europe vows to keep on trading with Iran, defying Trump's economic sanctions

It's up to Europeans to decide who they want to trade with, says European Union foreign policy chief.

Brexit: champagne, parmesan, prosecco and feta could soon be at the centre of negotiations

Brussels have expressed fear that British producers will start exploiting previously protected European food names.

China warns of retaliation as Trump plots punishing new tariffs

Bloomberg News reported the Trump administration would propose imposing 25 percent tariffs on a $200 billion list of Chinese goods.

Republican Party at war: Trump fires insults at free trade billionaires

President Trump lashed out at the Koch brothers and top Republican Party funders, tweeting they are a "total joke."

Steel shortages trigger backlash against Trump's trade war

Chaos and uncertainty ignited by Trump's trade war against America's allies and adversaries.

Greece wildfires: How corruption fanned the flames of the Greek tragedy

Inferno blamed on dishonest political class shopping for votes, of builders making a living, of hands getting greased.

Trump's economic triumph: US economy surges to 4.1 percent growth rate in Q2

"It's only going to get better," the president proclaimed during a trip to Iowa and Illinois.

Despite Brexit Gridlock, Economists Bet On 'Soft' Deal Or UK U-turn - IBT Poll

Amid the harsh political rhetoric around the Brexit debate, fear of a hard exit from EU is not shared by economists and investors polled by International Business Times.

Russian hackers breached US electricity network causing blackouts

According to the WSJ, the hackers used conventional spoofing mechanisms to gain access to America's power grid

Could the US-China trade war be good for UK exports?

The Trump tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese exports is an opportunity for the UK to negotiate more beneficial trade deals across the pan-Asian area.

Japan, EU to sign widespread trade deal eliminating tariffs

Prices of European wine and pork will fall for Japanese consumers. Japanese machinery parts, tea and fish will get cheaper for Europe.

WATCH: Theresa May's sucker punch to Donald Trump's explosive, undiplomatic remarks

May revealed with an amused expression: "He told me I should sue the EU."

US inflation eats into Trump tax cut as prices hit six year high

Prices rose in June lifted by more expensive gas, car insurance, and higher rent.