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IB Times: Economy

We must stop a minority of Brexit fanatics from holding the United Kingdom to ransom

The hard Brexit wheels are coming off. We know it, the EU knows it, May knows it.

Italy's 'unprecedented' budget spooks the financial markets

The European Commission issued a sharp rebuke of Italy's budget, which targets a 2.4 percent deficit for next year.

Brexit deadlock: Tories in turmoil as May floats idea of extending post-Brexit transition

Embattled Theresa May enrages Tory MPs as divorce talks between Britain and the EU stall on the issue of the Irish border.

China managing slowdown amid US tariffs, has room to do more

Analysts told the International Business Times that China has more policy options up its sleeves

Trump tariffs yet to sting China; pain could begin in January

Analysts warn the 25 percent tariffs from 2019, could slow Chinese growth, raise U.S. inflation and put more downward pressure on emerging markets.

Brexit deal hamstrung by Irish border 'backstop' issue

Prime Minister Theresa May says "a border in the Irish Sea" was unacceptable.

Death of an American icon: Retail giant Sears files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

A decade ago shares were trading at around $141. They are now below the $1 benchmark.

Is two years of agonising Brexit deadlock finally over?

Reports overnight in London that a deal on the Northern Ireland border, the last missing piece of a withdrawal agreement, was close.

Superpower showdown: Trump-Xi to meet next month as trade war takes toll

Reported meeting will take place during the G-20 summit in Argentina in late November.

Will Wall Street sneeze morph into a global stock market pandemic?

Losses on Wall Street rip through Asian financial markets amid fears about interest rates and trade tariffs.

South Korea considers lifting North Korea sanctions

South Korea move to lift sanctions is aimed at encouraging North Korea down the path of denuclearization.

Corruption has shrunk Malaysia's economy from Asian tiger to 'small kitten'

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad warned of new taxes to pay debts following scandal-tainted rule of Najib Razak.

Powerful German industrialists urge trade breakthrough or face massive Brexit crisis

Leaders of Europe's largest economy warn no trade deal would be a "disaster" for businesses on both sides of the English Channel.

Nobel economics prize winner thought Academy call was spammer

Two Americans won the Nobel Prize for studying pressing issues facing the global economy: how to deal with pollution and climate change and how to foster the innovation needed to tackle such problems.

U.S unemployment rate heads for 50 year low

The September gain extended an 8½-year streak of monthly job growth with millions of Americans having gone back to work since the Great Recession.

USMCA a victory For Donald Trump, reduces global trade war risk: Analysts

Deal was a victory for President Trump, but offered little to the U.S. while giving the best possible outcome for Canada.

Europe 'can't cope with another slump,' Moody's warns

Risks range from trade tensions and a still unresolved Brexit, higher oil prices and dangerous reform reversals in Italy.

Indonesia tsunami and earthquake:Asia counts cost of economic damage, human toll of string of disasters

Annual losses from disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons average $250 billion to $300 billion.

Nafta 2.0: Canada and U.S make concessions to get last-minute USMCA across the line

Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to rewrite Nafta — or get rid of it.

Chequers vs Canada-plus Brexit trade plans – 7 key differences explained

Overall, neither proposal is very attractive from an economic point of view.