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Theresa May might cut student fees to £6,000 per year in radical university review

Theresa May will set out details of the government's landmark review of higher education funding in England, and may announce reduced tuition fees.

US wasting $10bn upgrading 'liability' nuclear bombs in Europe

A new report claims that the US is wasting billions of dollars upgrading nuclear bombs based in Europe that are no longer an effective deterrent and could be a security liability.

£10,000 for everyone under 55: Think tank calls for UK universal basic income fund

A new report has called on the government to give £10,000 to everyone under 55 years of age as part of a move towards a national universal basic income (UBI).

Young adults shut out of property market as ownership prospect halves in past two decades

Figures from the Institute for Fiscal Studies show young middle earners are struggling to get on the property ladder.

EU could demand power to raid UK financial firms after Brexit

Boris Johnson said it would be "intolerable and undemocratic" for Brussels to impose its laws on Britain after Brexit.

EU economies post best growth in 10 years as UK fumbles over Brexit

Data from the EU statistics office shows that the economy of the 28-member EU grew by 2.5% in 2017, its best performance since it grew 2.7% in 2007.

Trump's controversial tax cuts and military spending spree herald $1 trillion federal deficit

President Donald Trump unveiled a $4.4 trillion budget for next year including a bid spending spree on the military.

Britain could lose £5bn worth of business amid EU trade war with Malaysia

The European Union is set to vote in favour of imposing a ban on palm oil imports from Malaysia, which could spark a tit-for-tat retort.

Food rots in UK fields as Eastern European migrant workers stay home

British farmers counting the cost of 4,300 unfilled vacancies and vegetables rotting in the fields as Brexit worries bite.

BoE deputy says stock market turmoil is not the start of a new financial crisis

BoE Deputy Governor Ben Broadbent calms frayed nerves following a volatile week on the stock markets.

Theresa May refuses to protect NHS from US corporations in post-Brexit trade deals

Prime minister will not commit to excluding lucrative NHS contracts from hands of US corporations. Vince Cable urges "absolute guarantee" of protection.

The gig economy is exploitation masquerading as freedom

Multi-million-pound firms are, like Uber and Deliveroo, are offloading business risk onto some of the poorest people in Britain.

Brexit: Government slowness could become 'damaging' worry MPs

Cross-party committee warns government has failed to reprioritise its work and might not be ready by March next year.

Brexit: Brussels could force Britain to follow nearly 40 EU laws during transitional period

Leaked Whitehall study shows the European Union could impose 37 directives on Britain for a two-year period.

Donald Trump calls immigration plan without border wall 'a total waste of time'

US President Donald Trump has tweeted that any congressional immigration plan that does not include funding for his border wall is "a total waste of time".

Graduate salaries fail to keep pace as student debt soars

Too many students plunging into debts of £50,000 just to receive "paltry" salaries, according to chairman of Education Select Committee.

Eastern Europeans 10 times more productive at farm labour than Brits

Young people asked to work on farm in Cornwall pickings cabbages as part of BBC's Inside Out South West programme.

Lib Dems demand new ring-fenced tax to fund NHS

Lib Dems leader Vince Cable says: "The health and care budget should be financed by an earmarked tax."

Oil and gas fracking triggers 900 earthquakes a year in this US state

"Oklahoma has been transformed from a seismic dead zone to a hotspot in less than a decade," according to a University of Southampton academic.

Brexit: EU could slap economic sanctions on Britain to ensure 'level playing' field

Brussels is determined to ensure Britain's departure from the EU will not threaten the bloc's economy.