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Inc Magazine

How to Become an Entrepreneur (Even If You're Starting at Square One)

The path is windy, random, and filled with some successes and a bunch of failures.

To Improve Employee Communication, Take a Road Trip

Get out of your comfortable office and experience where employees work

Why Andreessen Horowitz's New Fund--Led By Kevin Durant and Will Smith--Falls Short

Hopefully, the new $15 million fund is only the beginning.

Southwest Airlines Just Took a Bold Stand Against the Sheer Absurdity of 'Emotional Support Peacocks' (But Cats and Dogs Are Still Okay)

New common sense rules: only one "emotional support animal" per person, and it can only be a cat or a dog.

Want to Recharge Your Business Today? Master the Art of the Webinar

There's tons of useful formats for spreading the word about your business on the internet, including blogs, YouTube videos, etc. But nothing can beat the experience of listening to a living expert

3 Ways Your Self-Doubt Will Try to Trick You Into Thinking You're Not Good Enough

Don't let your self-doubt drain you of the mental strength you need to succeed.

How to Build an Efficient Product Roadmap

Map out the vision and direction of your product.

Your Spouse and Business Partner Shouldn't Hate Each Other

Your work and home life will benefit ifthese two key people respect and like one another.

3 Lessons From Frederick Douglass About Finding the Courage to Speak Up

Mustering the courage to speak up is never easy, but taking the leap can be life-changing for yourself and others.

The 1 Big Flaw in Your Vacation Strategy (and How to Fix It)

Even if the company culture says go, we might say no to time off if we know we'll end up tired and stressed later.

Companies Throw Years of Effort and Marketing Dollars Down the Drain By Doing This 1 Thing Poorly

If a positive customer experience is why customers will choose your company, know that a poor one will also be the reason they leave.

Why L&D is Failing Millennials and How to Improve It

Millennials are being critical oflearning and developmentprograms...butit's valid

3 Steps to Help Your Team Build Grit

Lessons about grit from a moment of need.

Why Your Business Always Benefits When You Do Right By People

Here is a real story about keeping a human focus when making and executing on hard business decisions - even when you knew people's lives would be negatively impacted by those business decisions.

140 Outstanding Leadership Quotes From the Global Leadership Summit

140 quotes from global leaders about authenticity, strength, and emotional intelligence in today's leaders.

The Best Leaders Always Use These 5 Resilience-Boosting Strategies

Resilience will help your company continue in the face of adversity. This approach will help you gain the resilience you and your people need.