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Inc Magazine

Want to Succeed? Don't Obsess Over Your Goal: Relentlessly Focus On Your Process

Hailie Deegan, the first woman to win a K & N race, may be seventeen years old... but she takes an old-school approach to success.

How to Turn an Idea Into a Business Plan in 2 Simple Steps

Get started with your idea in the real world and see what happens.

5 Tips to Be a Better Inclusive Leader

Anyone serious about leading inclusively, should consider these five behaviors.

6 Rules to Managing Yourself So You Can Manage Others

Seriously, if you're not managing yourself effectively, how do you expect to manage your team?

Here's How You Can Earn That Celebration on Boss' Day

Not every boss is worthy of praise. Follow these tips to ensure happy, productive, appreciative employees.

Why Every Boss Should Consider Offering Flexible Work Opportunities to Their Employees

The number of people who say they've quit a job due to lack of flexibility has nearly doubled in the past three years.

My Boss Insists On Knowing How I'll Spend My Time Off

This manager won't approve time off unless you tell him exactly what it's for.

How to Lead Your Team During a Heated Election Season

If the last election season was any indication.....this year it's bound to get ugly.

11 Creative Listening Tips to Identify the Right Job Candidate

Leverage the power of creative listening to find accomplished employees who are also an ideal cultural fit.

Stop, Step up, Own it, Apologize, Mean it

We all get it wrong in business, but we don't all handle it the same way.

New Study Shows a Whopping 76 Percent of Bosses Are Toxic (in These 4 Avoidable Ways)

According to a new study, most employees won't be giving their boss a card for National Boss's Day.

What You Need to Travel Domestically Under REAL ID

What You Need to Travel Domestically Under Real ID

22 Inspiring Quotes From Self-Made Billionaire Sara Blakely About Success and Building a Business

Sara Blakely didn't just turn a side hustle into a business and become a self-made billionaire in the process. She's also shared ideas that continue to inspire.

3 TED Talks That Show How Blockchain Is Changing Business

Understanding how this innovative technology works can change how you may plan your business strategy now and into the future.

The Real Reason Why Entrepreneurs Feel Burned Out (That No One Is Talking About)

Juggling a business with the everyday responsibilities is what people sign up for as an entrepreneur. Here's why many of them are feeling burned out.

In New TED Podcast, Elizabeth Gilbert Shares a Recipe for Success (and You May Not Like It)

Elizabeth Gilbert made a serious bestseller with Eat, Pray, Love. In a new TED podcast, she explains the three secrets to a successful creative career

San Churro Chocolateria Shows a Sweet Way to Recruit

Maybe this is a testament to the power of sugar.

6 Things A Private Equity Firm Will Do After They Buy Your Business

6 Things A Private Equity Firm Will Do After They Buy Your Business And they aren't necessarily what you would do

In the New Ball Game: Two Strikes and You're Out

Baseball loves to live in the past, refusing to make changes while its core audience ages. In business today, changing quickly and boldly is an absolute imperative.

Here's How Much Time People Actually Spend Reading Each Day

The good news? You'll probably read more as you age.