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China denies 'sound' and 'pressure' that injured US official was a sonic attack

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang denied during a regular news briefing that the “sound and pressure” that caused minor brain damage to a U.S. official was a sonic attack, as suggested by

Stephen Miller: White House preparing for big summer fight against 'open borders' Dems in Congress

Senior policy advisor to President Trump Stephen Miller says the administration’s big fight for the summer will be against Congressional Democrats' "open borders" agenda.

North Korea destroys tunnels used for nuclear testing

North Korea on Thursday blew up tunnels dug beneath Mount Mantap at the Punggye-ri nuclear testing site in the northeastern region of the country, where all six of North Korea’s nuclear tests were

Trump: 'Democrats are sticking up for MS-13' gang members

President Trump charged that Democrats are supporting MS-13 gang members, even though they are "vicious killers" who need to be kicked out of the counry.

Trump: NFL players 'shouldn't be in the country' if they kneel for the anthem

President Trump said the NFL was correct to rule that players either have to stand for the national anthem or remain in their locker rooms if they don't want to stand, and suggested that players who

Jared Kushner awarded permanent security clearance after year of background checks

President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has been granted a permanent security clearance, a person briefed on the matter confirmed Wednesday.

Trump re-election campaign hires GOP strategist Chris Carr as political director

President Trump’s re-election campaign is expected to publicly hire GOP strategist Chris Carr Wednesday to serve as political director.

US officials stationed in China warned about brain injuries from 'abnormal' sound and pressure

U.S. government employees stationed in southern China were warned Wednesday about reports of "abnormal sensations of sound and pressure" that pointed to a mild brain injury.

Democratic candidate for governor: Georgia is a blue state that's 'a little confused'

The candidate who could become the nation's first black woman governor said Wednesday that her home state of Georgia is a Democratic state at heart, even though it's been a red state in the last

Trump mulls 'different structure' for trade deal with China

President Trump said Wednesday he is considering a "different structure" for reaching a trade deal with China.

Trump cheers as Russia focus shifts to 'major spy scandal'

President Trump said Wednesday that people pushing the "phony collusion" story on Russia are finally having to answer questions about how the FBI was being fed information from a confidential

GOP up on generic ballot in surprising new polling

We've all heard about the coming blue wave. But what if there's a red wave in November? For a host of reasons, that's not likely, but voters in a new generic ballot survey actually gave Republican

BP ends projects in Iran after US threatens sanctions

BP decided to end its involvement with projects in Iran Tuesday after the U.S. threatened to sanction companies that choose to operate within the country.

Trump shoots down reporter's question on Rod Rosenstein during event with South Korean president

"What is your next question, please?” President Trump said. “I have the president of South Korea here, okay? He doesn't want to hear these questions, if you don't mind."

MS-13 gang member known as 'Animal' sentenced to 40 years in prison

An MS-13 member referred to as “Animal” was sentenced Tuesday to 40 years in prison for conspiring to murder a 15-year-old in East Boston.

Steven Mnuchin: No quid pro quo in move to lift sanctions against China's ZTE

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday defended President Trump’s decision to consider ways to lift U.S. sanctions against Chinese cellphone company ZTE.

Betsy DeVos wants to look into underlying issues that cause a 'culture of violence' in schools

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Tuesday that the deadly shooting in Santa Fe, Texas was a reminder that people need to address the underlying issues that “create a culture of violence” that lead

Israeli pilots become the first in the world to carry out airstrikes using F-35s

Israel became the first country to carry out an attack using the F-35 joint strike fighter, Israel Air Force commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin said Tuesday.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer say they would dismantle Trump tax cuts to boost education

Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Calif., and Sen. Chuck Schumer, N.Y., outlined a plan Monday to invest in teachers by cutting back on the GOP tax cuts.

Guns found, violent threats made at schools near Texas school shooting

Threats of more gun violence were made this week at schools in Texas, just as students from Santa Fe High School returned for the first time since last week's school shooting that left nine students