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The Daily Kos

Open thread for night owls: Second-generation Latino populists won't accept deep inequality

Reihan Salam at The Atlantic writes—The Next Populist Revolution Will Be Latino:Immerse yourself in the pro-immigration literature of Democratic Party thinkers, and you will notice a curious pattern

Staples manager tells police to check on woman pregnant with twins for shoplifting

Another day, another police officer called on someone without any evidence of wrongdoing. This time it is in North Carolina, where a Staples manager told a police officer who happened to be in the

A shorter story than it should be

My grandfather was a wonderful guy. Never angry. Never cruel. Interested in everything. A man with a hundred hobbies always looking for 101.He built boats, grew potatoes, made dandelion wine, kept

Stephen Miller's uncle writes brutal op-ed detailing Miller's 'hypocrisy' on immigration

Calling anyone in the Trump administration, or anyone in the Republican Party for that matter, a “hypocrite,” is pretty redundant. In some ways it has become far too reductive a way of speaking about

Biggest fail of D.C. white supremacist rally is Trump's failure, again, to condemn white supremacy

The so-called “Unite The Right 2” rally held on Sunday in Washington, D.C., offered the Man Who Lost The Popular Vote an opportunity to, in some small way, counter the stain on the historical record

Mick Mulvaney's new 'reform': Make it easier for payday lenders to scam military families

When placing bets on who comes out of the Trump administration with indictments hanging over their heads, don't count out this Mick Mulvaney fellow. There’s got to be a shady backstory behind why this

Trump secretary Zinke flies out to California to survey fires, proclaim Trump is 'right'

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who still has not resigned for some reason, graciously hopped on a plane this weekend to go tour the aftermath of the Carr Fire in California. His primary job was to say

Trump moves step closer to admitting Trump Tower meeting produced dirt on Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump issued a rare statement to a news organization writing a piece about his son, Don Jr., in which Trump clearly distanced himself even further from his son’s 2016 Trump Tower meeting to get

Cartoon: Apparently, it's lonely at the top...

Consider supporting my work here so I can keep creating these.

Trump is putting dozens of unexpected House races in play ... for Democrats

House Democrats are looking to expand the map well beyond the Republican-held districts Hillary Clinton won in 2016. There are more than twice as many names on the Democratic Congressional Campaign

Trump's latest 'economic fiction' amounts to nothing more than lies, again

It's really hard to know sometimes whether Donald Trump purposely lies or he truly just has zero grasp on reality. It’s likely a little of both, but regardless of whether it's intentional lying or

Trump, pettiest man alive, excludes any mention of McCain at signing of bill named in his honor

When ABC News wrote a piece early on Monday about Donald Trump heading to upstate New York’s Fort Drum later in the day to sign the 2019 military funding bill, the organization imagined that Trump

Florida man charged with manslaughter despite claiming 'stand your ground'

The Florida man who says he was legally standing his ground when he killed an unarmed black man in a dispute over a parking space has been charged with manslaughter. When Markeis McGlockton emerged

Midday open thread: The Queen of Soul, giant waves, and baseballs

Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is About that meeting: What you missed on Sunday Kos ... Vota Boricua: Getting out the Puerto Rican Vote, by Denise Oliver Velez Swamps and perjury traps and Trumps, oh

Judges keep abusing discretion to let sexual offenders off easy

Judges sometimes have a great deal of discretion in sentencing. In recent years we’ve seen several spectacular abuses of that discretion, to say nothing of endemic judicial racial bias. Despite the

After a weekend of embarrassing Omarosa claims, the predictable Trump meltdown arrives

It's only Monday, Donald Trump hasn't bothered to check in on his day job for days, there haven't been any new indictments of his inner campaign circle in the last week. Nonetheless, he's starting off

Pelosi on Republicans: 'They're afraid of me. They're afraid of women.'

“This isn’t about me. This is about the one in five children in America that lives in poverty.” That’s why Nancy Pelosi is not worried about Democratic House candidates who aren’t supporting her for

Donald Trump struggles with the concept of time zones, aides say

Donald Trump, international businessman and world-class dealmaker, had to be dissuaded by aides from calling Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the middle of the night, Tokyo time. This happened

FBI Agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts

Donald Trump finally got his wish. FBI agent Peter Strzok, who oversaw both the early part of the Russia probe in 2016 and the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server, has been fired from

'We have Ja'Ron': Kellyanne Conway tries and fails to name a single black adviser in the West Wing

With Omarosa Manigault Newman gone from the White House (and telling all), who’s the top African American White House staffer left standing? Kellyanne Conway struggled with that question on ABC’s This