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Open thread for night owls: Facial recognition software to be installed in Lockport schools

The Buffalo News reports that come next fall, facial recognition software will be installed in all Lockport public schools.Lockport will spend $1.4 million of the state's money on the Aegis system,

Why isn't the United States on the metric system?

My son recently asked me why the United States does not use the metric system, as that is all he uses in physics and chemistry classes. I am not sure he expected the answer I gave him. I was in middle

No need for Democrats to fear their progressive wing: join it, instead

Last Tuesday's primary elections were a near-perfect day for progressives. They won races in Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Idaho, and Oregon. Should this outcome worry rank-and-file Democrats? The answer is

Rosenstein responds to Trump: We need to know if 'anyone' infiltrated a presidential campaign

Earlier today Donald Trump sent a furious tweet in which he "hereby demand[ed], and will do so officially tomorrow," that the Department of Justice examine whether the government "infiltrated or

The Republican solution to mass murders: America as police state

In the aftermath of yet another mass murder in an American school, the National Rifle Association and their apologists are out in full force with explanations of why such gun violence continues to

Right wing tries again to divide black and Jewish Democrats by hyping Farrakhan and anti-Semitism

If there’s one charge Republicans are desperate to make stick, it’s that Democrats—and black Democrats in particular—have an anti-Semitism problem. Doing so is central to their efforts to peel off

No, Rudy Giuliani doesn't have a clue when investigators will end Trump probe

This is bunk.The special counsel plans to finish by Sept. 1 its investigation into whether President Trump obstructed the Russia inquiry, according to the president’s lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, who

Swamp things

It seemed odd when Trump decided to intervene on behalf of a questionable Chinese tech giant, particularly given the company's flouting of Iran sanctions, and even more particularly given that his new

Fascism Watch moves closer to midnight as Trump 'demands' investigations into political opponents

While much of the media continues to pretend that the nation would enter a constitutional crisis if Donald Trump were to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the truth is the United States has been in

Why wrongful convictions are so common—and why prosecutors and police rarely apologize

In 1991, former New York Police Department detective Louis Scarcella set up a Brooklyn teenager, John Bunn, for the murder of off-duty corrections officer Rolando Neischer. The fingerprints from two

Trump demands investigation into whether FBI 'infiltrated' his presidential campaign

After the news that counterintelligence efforts against Russian hackers included sending an informant to make contact with Trump campaign advisers whose Russian ties were under investigation, during

Roger Stone says he may be indicted by Russia investigators for 'some extraneous crime'

While Donald Trump and his House Republican allies continue to act to sabotage the investigation into Russian election hacking and possible (at this point, likely) collaboration with those efforts

Meet the law enforcement allies in the fight for gun safety

When it comes to common-sense gun safety laws, at least some major players in law enforcement are on the same page as the rest of the country.The National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun

International Elections Digest: Opposition ends six decades of governing-party rule in Malaysia

Leading Off● Malaysia – parliament (May 9)In a potentially groundbreaking development for Malaysian democracy, the opposition Pakatan Harapan alliance won a parliamentary majority for the first time

Another death blow to Puerto Rico: FCC plans to cut Lifeline phones as hurricane season draws near

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is planning to close the doors of opportunity, and perhaps even to survival for people in Puerto Rico, and others here on the mainland who depend upon the

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Trump Tower Two, cruelty lessons, and the spiritual cost of hate

This is one of those weekends where the news is unfolding rapidly, shaking things up well after the pundits parked their pens and went off to spend a weekend in the mountains, or on the beach, or down

Open thread for night owls: Plot thickens in story regarding second Trump Tower meeting

As noted at Daily Kos earlier Saturday, The New York Times broke a story today saying that there was a previously unknown meeting at Trump Tower in August 2016 in which Donald Trump Jr. met with Erik

One little tweet was all it took for the American Atheists to change their position on hell

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times reported the United Talent Agency has pitched a reboot of the political talk show Crossfire to network executives. The show would feature the banter of Anthony

One dead, two injured after Friday shooting at Georgia high school commencement; arrests made

Friday morning started with a school shooting that left 10 dead in Santa Fe, Texas, and it ended with deadly gunfire at a graduation in Jonesboro, Georgia, south of Atlanta. One woman was killed and

Nuts & Bolts: Inside Democratic campaigns—Donor maintenance

Welcome back, Saturday Campaign D-I-Yers! For those who tune in, welcome to the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic campaign. Each week, we discuss issues that help drive successful campaigns. If you’ve