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News Observer

NJ Politics Digest: Chris Christie’s ‘I Told You So’ Moment

Gov. Phil Murphy has spent the last nine months blaming a lot of his problems on his predecessor. Last week, former Gov. Chris Christie struck back.

Bright Like Neon: MoMA’s Bruce Nauman Show Pays Tribute to an Elusive Satirical Genius

Bruce Nauman has long been regarded as a rebel in the art world, but as MoMA's retrospective shows, at 76, he's now one of its role models.

You Can Take a Helicopter to Hobbitland at This Insanely Exclusive New Zealand Resort

At the exclusive Helena Bay Lodge in New Zealand you can sip wine, board a chopper and embark on a sweeping 'Lord of the Rings' tour.

The Incredible True Story Behind Hervé Villechaize’s Legendary Final Interview

It took Sacha Gervasi 25 years to finally tell the story of when he interviewed 'Fantasy Island's Hervé Villechaize.

My Teenage Son and I Went to the Same Music Festival. Our Experiences Were Totally Different.

'I walked around the hot fields miserably, sucking on the tube of my CamelBak like a baby goat. For my 15-year-old son, who still has energy and enthusiasm for life, it was a different experience.'

Food at Movie Theaters, Stadiums, and Even on Amtrak is Suddenly Amazing—But Is That Bad?

The influx of foodie culture to more mainstream arenas (often literal ones in which people play sports) hasn’t been without consequence.

News Outlets Ignore Climate Change as Cause of Mild Winter Weather

People magazine called NOAA's prediction 'Good News!'

Is the ‘Star Is Born’ Song ‘Why Did You Do That?’ Good or Bad? ‘The NY Times’ Has the Answer

The 'Star Is Born' song 'Why Did You Do That?' has been called both catchy and the reason for Jackson Maine's downfall. So which is it?

Former Obama National Security Advisor Under Fire for Saudi Military Deals

TrumpWorld isn't the only sphere of influence courting the murky backwaters of Saudi Arabian industrialism.

It’s Official: 2018 Is the Year That Great Actors Became Great Directors

Jonah Hill's 'Mid90s' and Paul Dano's 'Wildlife' confirm the trend: 2018 is the year of the actor turned director.

Meghan Markle Channels Her Days as a Lifestyle Blogger With Yoga on the Beach

Even during her packed royal tour, the Duchess of Sussex has found time for yoga and baking.

Michael Cohen Warns of More ‘Craziness’ if Americans Don’t Vote Against Trump and GOP

The former Trump attorney's remarks come during a pivot to 'woke' campaign initiated by his cooperation with federal prosecutors.

Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Is a Nice, Supportive Blank Space

Taylor Swift's boyfriend Joe Alwyn is a man of few words.

Amazon Reveals Another HQ2 Hint That Defies Prior Predictions

Amazon execs' recent visits to New York City, Newark and Chicago suggest the tech giant is moving away from the idea of building HQ2 in the suburbs.

Why the ‘Halloween’ Franchise Lives on 40 Years Later

Michael Myers lives! Why do horror movies continue to pack cinemas and slay at the box office?

Apple Drops Hammer on Shady App Developers Who Stole $14M

The apps tricked consumers with large buttons and costs written in tiny print.

More Audio Surfaces of Republican Lawmaker Mocking Victims of Sexual Harassment

Rhetoric that was controversial several years ago is now politically fatal.

Disney Reveals the Fox Executives Who Will Run Its Film Division

Disney has set the top brass for its Fox film division.

Why Everyone From Jackie O to Justin Bieber Has Flocked to Italy’s Belmond Caruso Hotel

With its star-studded history and Insta-famous infinity pool, Ravello's Belmond Caruso Hotel is an Amalfi Coast dream.