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Miami Herald

Want to name these sea lion pups? You may score a close encounter with marine life

Miami Seaquarium recently welcomed two sea lion pups — one girl and one boy — to its marine family and now the theme park is turning to the public to … Click to Continue »

NY woman charged with fatally stabbing visitor from England

Police say a 66-year-old woman who claimed she needed to "rid the house of evil" fatally stabbed a visitor from England in an unprovoked attack. Faye Doomchin, of Great Neck, … Click to Continue »

Mexico City restaurant busted over protected tarantula tacos

Fancy a tarantula taco for a cool $27? Not so fast, Mexican authorities say. A Mexico City market restaurant recently put the arachnids on its menu and posted a video … Click to Continue »

Name Those Pups

The pair of sea lion pups were presented to the media as the Miami Seaquarium is seeking the public's help via a contest in naming its new two sea lion pups - a female, and a male on Tuesday, August

Miami Beach is selling some of its lifeguard towers

The City of Miami Beach has put seven of its iconic lifeguard towers up for auction at PublicSurplus.com and prices are starting from $100 to $350. … Click to Continue »

Politicians need to stop campaign texting! It’s obnoxious — and infringes on privacy

Political candidates, do you really think that I’m going to vote for you because you text me, “Hey, Fabiola....”? Far from it. Instead, I may hold this infringement on my … Click to Continue »

Italian bridge collapse sends cars plunging, killing 26

A 51-year-old highway bridge in the Italian port city of Genoa collapsed in a driving rain Tuesday, killing at least 26 people and injuring 15 others as it sent dozens … Click to Continue »

Retired chief justice objects to bundled amendments on ballot, asks court to act

Six of the eight amendments placed on the November ballot by the Constitution Revision Commission require voters to “pay a price for the right to vote for or against them,’’ … Click to Continue »

Mattis heard gunfire outside his hotel in Rio de Janeiro

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says he heard gunfire early Tuesday during his stay in Rio de Janeiro. There was no indication that the gunshots, which Mattis said he could … Click to Continue »

Marlins face an ‘uphill’ battle proving foreign ownership in Miami fight, judge says

The Miami Marlins lost their bid to stay out of a local courthouse in a fight over profit-sharing with Miami-Dade County, as a federal judge tossed the case back to … Click to Continue »

A Facebook Messenger call leads to a summer camp counselor facing a molestation charge

A mother hearing a “grown man’s voice” coming out of her daughter’s phone led to an investigation that ended with a Fort Lauderdale summer camp counselor’s arrest Monday on a … Click to Continue »

GOP’s suburban playbook: Ignore base, court the middle in midterms to hold majorities

Beyond the Bubble 72 Subscribe to McClatchy’s Beyond the Bubble show on iTunes here or Stitcher. WASHINGTON — To put the brakes on a possible blue wave, a political strategist … Click to Continue »

He pocketed bribes as a politician. Now, he’s off to prison this fall

Luis Santiago served just one term as an Opa-locka city commissioner, devoting much of his public service to shaking down local businesses for thousands of dollars in bribes. Now, the … Click to

Cheaper than ‘court costs and jail’: People are paying to break stuff in ‘rage rooms’

You know you’ve wanted to throw that stupid computer out of the window at least once, or felt like chuckin’ that cell phone across the room. Or maybe, out of … Click to Continue »

‘This is for your fantasies:’ Dad drops towel in front of teen babysitter, Indiana cops say

An Indiana babysitter came to police with explosive accusations against her employer for a simple reason, she said: The man has four daughters, and the babysitter didn’t want them, their … Click to

Want a piece of Miami Beach history? These lifeguard stands can be yours. For a price.

How would you like arguably the biggest doghouse on the block — maybe in the whole country? How about bragging rights to having a most original tree house, backyard tiki … Click to Continue »

Get to know the candidates and races before the Aug. 28 primary election

Read about the major candidates, races and referendums in Miami-Dade, Miami, Aventura, Hialeah, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens and South Miami before the August 28, 2018 Florida primary election. This

He shot himself during a traffic stop, cops say. Then they found a body in his trunk

After Maine police officers stopped an “erratic” driver, he reportedly shot and killed himself before officers discovered a woman’s body inside his trunk. A state trooper pulled over 34-year-old Gyrth

As speaker, Jim Clyburn says he would ‘transform’ Democratic Party

As speaker of the House, U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn says he would be a “transitional” leader but not “custodial.” The South Carolina Democrat says he would work to “transform” the … Click to Continue »

Lavish court spending in poor West Virginia triggers scandal

A $42,000 antique desk. A $32,000 blue suede sectional sofa. A $7,500 inlaid wooden floor map of West Virginia's 55 counties. A scandal involving lavish office renovations and other financial … Click