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On the 50th Anniversary of Paul Fusco’s “RFK Funeral Train”

On June 8, 1968, following a funeral service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Paul Fusco boarded a 21-car train at Penn Station with the casket of Robert F. Kennedy. The “Funeral Train” was to journey from

5 Fashion Photographers Share How They Got Started and Why They Love What They Do

We love the way fashion photography incorporates skills from almost every photography genre. From constructing fantasy worlds to tell the story of a product or look, to mastering portraiture and

National Geographic Used a “Stock” Image and It’s Amazing

As a kid who grew up with a shelf filled with yellow spines, I can attest to the rhythm and general predictability of a National Geographic cover. With few exceptions (most notably those holographic

A Day of Diptychs: Contrasting Two Photos at a Time

For millennia, artists have used the diptych to explore duality. During medieval times, diptych panels were often connected by a hinge – part protection, part transportation-friendly design – and

How a Photographer “Discovered” Sikh Captain America

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Balbit Singh Sodhi, a Sikh-American gas station owner in Mesa, Arizona, was viciously shot five times by Frank Silva Roque. Roque told friends that he was “going to

Tamron 70-210mm f/4 Vi DC: Will You Really Miss that Extra Stop of Light?

The Tamron 70-210mm f/4 Vi DC is svelte and sleek, but how does it perform? Gear snobs might turn up their noses at an f/4 in the 70-200mm range. But as high ISO performance has increased, more

5 Fine Art Photographers Reveal Their Sources for Inspiration

Earlier this year we launched The List – a selection of 90 finalists from our 80,000+ community of PhotoShelter members, chosen by a panel of independent judges. This week we are highlighting all five

On Diversity: Nikon Names 6 Female Ambassadors

We’ve written many times about the role of diversity in photography and how camera brands represent themselves through their ambassador programs. In the past, the statistics have been grim. Part of

Yana Paskova Reveals the Truth on Those Michael Cohen Photos

In the on-going Stormy Daniels saga, Michael Cohen has gained national prominence as President Trump’s longtime fixer and personal lawyer who tends to play by his own rules. On a day that he probably

The Physics Behind Sunbursts and How It Can Help You Focus Your Photos

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when it comes to “sunbursts” in photos – those points of light with rays streaking out of them – people often have polarizing views. Optical diffraction is

PhotoShelter’s Student Handbook: What You Didn’t Learn in School About the Photo Biz

By design, many college and university photography programs focus on theory, technique and critical thinking skills. Students emerge from school with a solid understanding of photography as a creative

When Life Gives You Lemons: 5 Food Photographers Share Their Tips for Improvising on Set

We talk a lot about the business side of photography as a crucial addition to your photo skills and creativity. But what about the soft skills that are just as important? A photographer’s ability to

The 2018 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Photography Now Works for a Brewery

Photographer Ryan M. Kelly boarded a plane in Amsterdam after receiving 2nd place in the Breaking News category for World Press Photo for his image of a car plowing into a crowd in Charlottesville.

How Do You Photograph a Concept? Derek Brahney Illustrates the Answer

Photography has long been used to support and even enhance storytelling. In journalism, images tend towards the literal. A story about the President usually features an image of the President. But a

The Stories That Keep Them Going: 5 Photojournalists Share Their Most Powerful Moments

We usually think of first responders as medical and emergency personnel, but we forget that photojournalists are often some of the first witnesses to a crisis. From grieving with a widow to being one

Hasselblad X1D: A Medium Format MVP?

In software design, there is a concept called the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Instead of building a fully fledged app or website that might incorrectly anticipate a user’s need, the MVP model

Life Beyond Photography

A deep passion for photography is only part of what it takes to succeed as a full-time photographer. Fewer staff positions combined with static or declining rates has led many photographers and photo

The Moving Portrait: From Holograms to GIFs to Boomerang

Although video dominates much of the media landscape, the simplicity of the photograph perseveres. Ironically, throughout much of the history of photography, photographers (along with editors,

Sigma Art 135mm f/1.8: A Classic Focal Length is New Again

The first telephoto lens I owned was a Zuiko 135mm attached to an Olympus OM-10. In the 1980s, 135mm was considered a premiere focal length for portraiture. Nowadays, the focal length is uncommon for

Unforgettable Moments Backstage: 5 Music Photographers Share Their Favorite Memories on the Job

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you know how addicting live music can be – that moment when your favorite band finally takes the stage is always a rush. For these five music photographers from The