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Photoshelter Blog

Confidence in Front of the Camera: Tips from 5 Portrait Photographers

Whether you’re photographing a high-profile celebrity in a big-budget shoot or you stop someone interesting on the street, everyone wants to look good in a photograph. Experienced portrait

Diving Deep Into “brown, carmine, and blue” With Le’Andra LeSeur

We pride ourselves on having some very impressive in-house talents here at PhotoShelter and have been celebrating an incredible win recently. In early October Le’Andra LeSeur, a member of our Libris

Magazine Covers Shot with Phones Ain’t No Thing

Scoring a national magazine cover shoot to prove the greatness of a phone’s camera has become part of the standard PR playbook for manufacturers. TIME featured photos taken by Luisa Dörr using an

Why You’ll Never Find a Camera That’s Been to the Moon on eBay

NASA’s Apollo Program was an audacious mission to send astronauts to the moon – a national goal set by President John F. Kennedy’s in a bold speech in 1961 that was an ongoing part of the Cold War.

The Power of Nature Photography from 5 Photographers Who Love What They Do

Nature photographers capture the moments that most of us won’t have a chance to see in our lifetimes, and for that we are grateful. Plus, who doesn’t love photos of adorable bear cubs or a close-up of

A Star is Born – Jay L. Clendenin Goes Large with Lady Gaga

This weekend, Lady Gaga makes her leading actress debut in the fourth remake of A Star is Born co-written, starring, and directed by Bradley Cooper. The critics are predictably going, well, gaga over

Why David Butow’s Image of Jeff Flake Stands Out

Both position and timing matter in capturing a compelling and visually descriptive photo. Last week’s explosive SCOTUS confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh provided another interesting opportunity

Lessons Learned: Top Lifestyle Photographers Share What They’d Tell Their Younger Selves

On one hand, the nature of a career in photography can be daunting — the freelance life and learning on your own in a rapidly changing industry. But we also know photographers to be generous in

Camera Eats First Pop-Up

Food photography is having a moment. And with the improvements of camera phones, it’s quickly becoming one of the most approachable forms of photography. This year we wanted to put Photoville to the

Highlights from Photoville 2018

It’s no secret we love Photoville. And after six years of our involvement, it’s starting to feel like home to us. Not only is it a great opportunity for the public to see the work of some of the most

Why Dedicated Cameras Will Always Be (Optically) Better than Smartphones

It’s September which means another generation of Apple iPhones. This year, the iPhone XS (pronounced “ten ess”) adds a slightly larger sensor plus significantly more computing power via the A12 Bionic

PSA: It’s “Bokeh” not “Bokuh”

Image: Apple There are many sounds that native American English speakers have trouble reproducing. The French “r” (aka the “voiceless uvular fricative”), the rolled double “rr” in Spanish, tonal

Master Storytellers: 5 Travel Photographers Share Images from All Over the World

No matter where in the world they find themselves, travel photographers have a keen eye for connection, and are some of the rare few that have mastered the ability to truly capture the essence of

Who Photographed that Colin Kaepernick Nike Image?

Nike and Colin Kaepernick broke the Internet yesterday with an ad campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Just Do It.” Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt

An Optical Engineer Explains Lens Flange Distance and Mount Diameter

Nikon has understandably made a big deal about launching their new Z-mount alongside the announcement of their new mirrorless cameras, the Z6 and Z7. The Nikon F-mount was originally released 59 years

Dangerous Conditions and Extreme Constraints: 5 Industrial/Corporate Photographers Share the Hidden Challenges of the Job

From photographing an explosion to being told you have two minutes to shoot a CEO’s portrait — the job of industrial and corporate photographers is anything but predictable. What do you do when you

Announcing 6th Annual Luminance Talks at Photoville: Sept 14th in NYC

One of our favorite events of the year is just around the corner. For the sixth year in a row, we’re partnering with Photoville to present a full day educational and inspirational panels all to help

How Much Depth-of-Field Do You Get with Nikon’s 58mm f/0.95 lens?

Along with the announcement of Nikon’s new mirrorless Z-system was the development announcement of a 58mm f/0.95 Noct lens. The Z-mount’s huge inner diameter of 55mm (the F-mount has a 44mm diameter)

Pro Tips: What it Takes to Publish a Personal Photo Project

In honor of World Photo Day, we asked editorial and commercial photographers Emanuel Hahn and Andrew Kung to share the story behind their audiovisual storytelling piece, The Mississippi Delta Chinese.

Photographing Baltimore’s Murderous Summer

Photojournalist and photo editor J.M. Giordano has served in the Army, photographed a story on druids in the UK, worked in Prague, and been beaten by the police while covering the Freddie Gray