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17 Super Helpful Natural Hair Tips And Hacks Every Black Girl Should Know

“Make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before you take out your braids or bantu knots.” "Know your hair type! Not just your curl pattern, but your porosity, density, and thickness." —cici0110

21 Skin Care Products And Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Who’s ready for some sexy skin? First things first, incorporate a mask like Herbivore Botanicals Brighten mask into your skin care regimen to increase hydration and brighten skin. "I love the

This Cyst Popping Video Is Truly Something To Behold

I’m sorry, so sorry. Do you like watching explosive, pus-filled zits get squeezed to everliving death? No? Then I'd suggest you get the hell out of this post RIGHT NOW. Giphy Welp, have we
These 15 Bikini Wax Horror Stories Will Make You Squirm

These 15 Bikini Wax Horror Stories Will Make You Squirm

A whole lot of ouch. "I ate Chipotle before my wax, and it was the worst mistake ever. As I spread my butt cheeks, I let out not one fart, but a chain of farts that I could not

If You Throw Some Ice Cubes In The Dryer, You Won't Need To Iron Your Clothes

Because ironing is the worst. There's nothing worse than having an outfit in mind, and quickly realizing it's a wrinkled mess as soon as you pull it out if our closet. Universal Pictures Oh

25 Low-Maintenance Beauty Tips And Products Made For Lazy People

Or anyone who wants an actual effortless, effortless look. Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed If your skin's a little tired and dehydrated, you should give Aqualia's Thermal Night Spa a try. This sleep mask

These Pro-Black Sweatshirts Are The V-Day Day Gifts You'll Wish You Got Your Woke Bae

“Valentine’s Day coincides with Black History Month, the blackest time of the year.” What do you do when the most romantic day of the year falls on the blackest month of the year? If you're designer

Can We Guess Your Celebrity Crush Based On The Things You Hate?

The results are based on data from Hater, a dating app that matches you with people according to the things you both hate.
Roommates Turned Their Friend's Room Into A Fake Museum And It's Hilarious

Roommates Turned Their Friend's Room Into A Fake Museum And It's Hilarious

“Notice the clamp designed for the somewhat titillating practice of ‘crimping.’” A couple of weeks ago, two of Ellen Huet's ten(!) roommates went on vacation, and Ellen and the rest of her

Lupita Nyong'o Just Explained Why She Cut Off All Her Relaxed Hair As A Teen And We Feel Seen AF

The Black Panther star says her mother was initially “horrified” and “disapproving” of her big chop. Lupita Nyong'o is on the cover of Allure's March issue giving you several black girl hair

The Average Engagement Ring In The US Costs More Than $6,000 These Days

According to a survey from the Knot. Engagement rings: They're a big deal. Giphy And they're also a big business. In 2012, US couples spent around $11 billion on engagement and wedding rings.

Tell Us Which Fashion Trends You've Fallen Victim To, And We'll Guess Your Age

Capri pants owners to the front! This post was translated from Portuguese.

11 Men's Luge Bulges That All Deserve Gold Medals

Me yesterday: What is luge? Me today: I need luge to breathe. Particularly, the, you know, outfits. Like that of Kristers Aparjods of Latvia. Boom! Clive Mason / Getty Images You are NOT

This Post Is Relatable For Anyone Who Loves Wearing Makeup, But Is Also Always Running Late

“My everyday makeup routine is also the five-minute makeup challenge.” This is what your makeup setup often looks like. mo51a_sp / Via Instagram: @mo51a_sp And you've mastered the art of putting

Here Are Some Life-Changing Products For Acne Scars And Dark Spots

*Bookmarks for next doctor’s appt.* Before we even get into treating hyperpigmentation, we need to talk about the miracle preventative measure called sunscreen. And yes, we ALL need it! Board
This Is What Relationship Experts Had To Say About The Importance Of Valentine's Day

This Is What Relationship Experts Had To Say About The Importance Of Valentine's Day

Everyone weighed in, from therapists, to divorce attorneys. According to Fila Antwine, lifestyle and relationship coach, celebrating Valentine's Day is more important now than ever, since we've

The Internet Doesn't Know If This Is Kelly Rowland's Real Hair, But Honestly IDC

Carefree curls for DAYS. Leave it to Kelendria Rowland — aka Kelly Rowland — to snatch our edges while showing off her own. On Friday, she Instagrammed this photo from Sydney, Australia, flaunting

Leslie Jones' Fashion Commentary Is Honestly The Best Thing About The Olympics So Far

Like “Fashion Police,” but actually funny. "His shirt is like a greeter at Walmart." Twitter: @Lesdoggg "What is happening? Do the men not get nice outfits?" Twitter: @Lesdoggg "How just