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Grandmother Gets Death Sentence For Smuggling Crystal Meth Through Malaysian Airport

An Australian woman has been sentenced to death in Malaysia after a court found her guilty of smuggling drugs through the country’s airport, according to reports. Authorities found Maria Elvira Pinto

Nearly Intact 1000-Year-Old Mummy Discovered In Peru

A group of archaeologists has discovered a nearly intact 1,000-year old mummy at the Pre-Colombian site of Pachacamac in Peru.

Who Is Sabrina Kouider? Boyzone’s Mark Walton’s Ex-Girlfriend Convicted Of Killing Nanny

A London-based fashion designer and her boyfriend were convicted of torturing and murdering their nanny, because the former believed the French woman has conspired with her ex-boyfriend, the founder

North Korea Open To Trump Summit ‘At Any Time,’ It Says

A day after President Donald Trump pulled out of a highly anticipated meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Pyongyang said it was still open to the summit. Trump was set to meet Kim on June 12

Mississauga, Ontario, Explosion: Multiple Casualties In Indian Restaurant In Canada

UPDATE: 1.30 a.m. EDT — Toronto's Consulate General of India opened a helpline in connection to the explosion. UPDATE: 1 a.m. EDT — Peel Regional Police shared the CCTV image of two suspects, who they

Did U.S Threats That Kim Jong Un Faced Same Gruesome Fate As Gaddafi Wreck Singapore Summit?

The war-of-words that spiraled into the collapse of the eagerly-anticipated summit in Singapore between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on June 12, began with a statement by

Donald Trump Will Not Meet With Kim Jong Un In June After All

The highly anticipated and historically significant summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is no more. Trump canceled the meeting, which would have been the first

Toronto Police Officers Allegedly Ate Marijuana Edibles, Hallucinated On Duty

Two police officers in Canada are facing serious charges for a January incident where they allegedly consumed marijuana edibles while on the job. Toronto police in a news release on Wednesday

Woman Accidentally Leaves $60,000 Tip For Fried Chicken Delivery

It is common courtesy to tip at least 15 to 20 percent of a meal’s total when it comes to food service. However, one Canadian grandmother took it to an entirely different level this week when she

Brother’s Day 2018: Messages, Quotes To Celebrate The Sibling Bond

Even after butting heads and engaging in fist fights from childhood, he will stand unwavering by your side when you need him the most — that is who a brother is and to honor them, May 24 every year is

Flight MH17 Report: Plane Shot Down By Russian Military Missile, Investigators Confirm

The missile that shot down Malaysia Airlines MH17 over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, was deployed by Russia, an international team of investigators confirmed in a press conference in Utrecht,

Train Derails After Crashing Into Truck In Italy, Kills 2 [Photos, Video]

A train crashed into a truck outside Turin, Italy, on Wednesday, killing two and injuring 18 others. The incident occurred around 11:20 p.m. local time (5:20 p.m. EDT) when a regional passenger train

Trump Urges A New 'Structure' For US-China Trade Deal

President Donald Trump has signaled a new direction in United States-China trade talks and said any deal would need "a different structure," fueling uncertainty over current negotiations. In an early

China Uninvited From Major US Military Exercise By Pentagon

The Pentagon on Wednesday uninvited China from a major United States-hosted naval drill in response to what it sees as Beijing's militarization of islands in the South China Sea, a decision the Asian

Facebook Data Scandal: EU Parliament Member: Mark Zuckerberg's Testimony 'A Farce'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s highly anticipated testimony in front of European Union Parliament came and went Tuesday.

Woman With Munchausen Syndrome Took 800 Laxatives Daily While Faking Cancer Before She Died

The case of an Australian woman who died after taking 800 laxatives a day because of an eating disorder has sparked concerns over drug regulations. Claudia La Bella, 28, weighed just 77 pounds when

Victim Choses Euthanasia After ‘Sadistic’ Acid Attack By Laughing Ex-Girlfriend

A woman jilted by her boyfriend has been found guilty of a “sadistic and evil” acid attack that left him in such unbearable agony that he elected to end his life in at a euthanasia clinic. Berlinah

US Alerts Citizens In China After Consulate Employee Reports ‘Abnormal’ Sound Sensations

The United States embassy in Beijing issued a health alert to its citizens in China on Wednesday after a U.S. government employee in the south of the country reported abnormal sensations of sound and

World Turtle Day 2018: 7 Interesting Facts About The Shelled Reptiles

World Turtle Day is celebrated on May 23 — a day which has been sponsored by American Tortoise Rescue since the year 2000 to raise awareness about the fast-depleting population of turtles and to learn

Syrian Diplomat Says US-Led Coalition Destroying Oil Wells Deliberately

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad on Wednesday accused the U.S.-led coalition of deliberately bombing oil wells in Syria in order to force the government to pay millions of dollars to