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Gender Inequality In China Could Be Worsened By Two-Child Policy

On Jan. 1, 2016, when China officially changed its policy on the number of children many couples in the country could have — increasing it to two from one — it was lauded by many as a step in the

Stolen Edgar Degas Painting Found In Suitcase On Bus 9 Years Later

French customs officers said French painter Edgar Degas' painting, which depicts singers at an opera, was found in a suitcase placed in the luggage compartment of a parked bus outside Paris, nine

Could Jupiter’s Icy Moon Europa Have Life Powered By Nuclear Energy?

Among the places within our solar system that could potentially support life as we know it (other than Earth, of course), Jupiter’s icy moon Europa is one of the prime candidates. New research by a

Vatican Is Training Exorcists To Meet Surge In Alleged Demonic Possession Cases

The Vatican set up dedicated exorcism training courses, starting this week, for clergy interested in advancing their skills in the field. Apparently the training was set up to cope with an evident

5 Arrested After 14-Month-Long Probe Into Russian Embassy Cocaine Smuggling

An Argentine police official and a former Russian diplomat were among the five people arrested following a 14-month-long investigation, which started after hundreds of pounds of cocaine were found at

Ancient Seal, Possibly Signed By Prophet Isaiah, Found In Jerusalem

A half-inch-long, oval-shaped clay seal discovered by Israeli archaeologists may bear the signature of biblical Prophet Isaiah, who predicted the arrival of Messiah in the holy Bible. The

Surgical Sponges Left Inside Woman's Body For 6 Years Trigger Bloating

A woman complained of persistent bloating and the reason for her suffering shocked her. The 42-year-old had two surgical sponges left in her body for at least six years. For three years the woman

Muslim Group Burns Pampers Nappies Claiming Cat On Packages Resemble Prophet's Name

Pampers is facing outrage over a picture on their packaging after a Muslim group alleged they see the word "Mohammed" spelled out in the whiskers of the nappy brand’s cartoon cat mascot. Muslims in

Neanderthal Cave Art Predates Drawings By Modern Humans By 20,000 Years

The common depiction of Neanderthals in popular culture is usually that of a brutish, often ape-like, humanoid character who has a degree of outward resemblance to modern humans, but relies almost

China Denies Racism In Blackface Skit, Blame Attempt To Divide Africa

A Chinese official dismissed criticism of a blackface skit aired on state television and said if there was outrage it as an attempt to create division between China and Africa.

Duterte’s Government Reported 20,000 Dead In Drug War, Senator Calls Killings ‘Executions’

The Philippine government reported that more than 20,000 people have been killed since President Rodrigo Duterte was elected, and an opposition Senator accused the government of “state-sponsored

Bride Refuses Marriage To Indian Doctor Because He's Bald

An Indian woman watched her husband-to-be remove a ceremonial crown Sunday and expose that he was bald -- she then refused to marry him just moments into their wedding ceremony.

Doctors Remove World’s Largest Brain Tumor Weighing Almost 4 Pounds

Doctors in India have successfully removed what is believed to be the world’s largest brain tumor, weighing 1.8 kg (3.96 pounds), from a man. According to a report by The Hindu, a six-hour surgery was

Watch: Puppy Eaten Alive After Boy Throws It Into Crocodile-Infested Lake

A video, believed to have been captured in Indonesia, showed a boy wearing a white polo shirt and cut-off jeans walking down some jagged rocks to the edge of a lake while holding a small puppy by its

Woman Severs Husband’s Genitals Over Alleged Extramarital Affair

A woman in Punjab, India, was accused of chopping off her husband's penis and testicles with a knife and then flushing them down a toilet because she believed he was having an affair, reports said

Watch: Playa Del Carmen Ferry Explodes Injuring 25 In Mexico

At least 25 people were injured, local officials confirmed, after ferry explosion Wednesday in Mexico. Among the injured were twenty Mexicans, three Canadians and two Americans, according to local

Did Chloe Ayling, Kidnapped British Model, Write Her Own Ransom Note?

In a shocking turn of events in the Chloe Ayling kidnapping case, the kidnapper, in a local court in Milan, claimed the British model who alleged she was kidnapped last July in the city wrote her own

Rio De Janeiro Flooding Photos, Video: 'Historic Rain' Lashes Brazilian City

Heavy rains and strong winds caused destruction last week in Rio de Janeiro. The torrential rains that blocked the streets with overflowing rivers and streams also caused three deaths. The city has

Scientists Predict How Dinosaurs Like Tyrannosaurus Rex Pursued Their Prey

The mechanics of a dinosaur’s massive body can be hard to understand because scientists cannot watch them in motion, but birds are helping to solve the mystery that cannot be unraveled with fossils

Firefighters Free Man's Genitals From Adjustable Wrench

A Welsh man endured a painful experience that surely left everyone involved with more questions than answers Wednesday. South Wales firefighters had to make a trip to Royal Gwent Hospital Wednesday