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Trump Jr. Praises Poor People's Smile In Country Where Average Pay Is $3.20 A Day

Donald Trump Jr. praised poor people’s smiles on a business trip in India Wednesday, in a country where at least 60 percent of people live on less than $3.20 per day. “I think there is something about

Bitcoin Price Rises After South Korea Announces Support For Cryptocurrency Transactions

UPDATE: 12:01 a.m. EST — The gains made by cryptocurrencies Tuesday were all lost by the end of the day. The price of bitcoin fell by over 6 percent, ending Tuesday at about $10,750. Ethereum lost

Why Is The Manhattan DA Looking At Newsweek’s Ties To A Christian University?

Note from the Editors: As we were reporting this story, Newsweek Media Group fired Newsweek Editor Bob Roe, Executive Editor Ken Li and Senior Politics Reporter Celeste Katz for doing their jobs.

Increased Electric Car Production Linked To More Child Labor In Mines

Congolese mines that use child labor may be benefitting from a global rise in demand for cobalt, a metal used in batteries for electric vehicles. Cobalt is an essential component of lithium-ion

3 Ways To Play Cryptocurrencies Without Buying Them

This article originally appeared in the Motley Fool. There's a good chance you've heard about bitcoin and the concept of a cryptocurrency by now. Many readers probably even know people who have made

Ethereum Faces Massive Growth Despite Challenges

If anyone tells you that you can easily get rich with Ethereum-based tokens, he or she is lying. The most passionate developers and engineers in this ecosystem make no such promises. Ethereum inventor

Why It Would Be In Everybody’s Interests To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

There are growing calls for regulation of the cryptocurrency market, which is rapidly approaching a market capitalisation of $1 trillion. But there’s little agreement about the forms this should take.

Yacht Company Announces It Will Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment

A Florida-based yacht dealer announced Friday that it would begin accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for boats. The announcement by Denison Yachting came at the Miami

Paying Income Taxes With Bitcoin? A US State May Accept Cryptocurrencies By 2020

This article originally appeared in the Motley Fool. Though the cryptocurrency market has hit a few speed bumps over the past month, its value has still soared relative to where it began 2017. As of

McDonald's Gives Away 75,000 Free McChickens As Customer Appreciation

The popular worldwide fast food chain McDonald's offered up more than 75,000 free McChicken sandwiches to its customers in Saudi Arabia stores on Feb. 6 as part of a customer appreciation campaign.

Coinbase Overcharging? Complaints Of Duplicate Charges Costing Users Thousands Of Dollars

Coinbase has confirmed an issue in its payment processing system that has resulted in users being charged multiple times for the same purchase—an issue that some have said drained their entire bank

What Are Cryptocurrency Ticker Symbols? BTC, XRP, ETH And More Explained

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow every day and even for those who follow the ebbs and flows closely, it’s not uncommon for a new cryptocurrency to emerge that seems totally foreign to

Tesla Wants To Be The World's Best Manufacturer

This article originally appeared in the Motley Fool.

‘Rare Footage’ Of North Korea Military Parade Posted By Tour Company Otto Warmbier Used

The tour group that took American student Otto Warmbier into North Korea has posted a rare video from the country’s military parade earlier this month. The company, Young Pioneer Tours, posted the

What Is Syscoin? Cheaper Bitcoin Alternative Receives Millions In Funding

As the cryptocurrency market begins to slowly recover from a dramatic drop earlier this year, a new digital currency called Syscoin has arrived to take advantage of the boom and challenge some of the

South Africa Experiments With JP Morgan's Blockchain For Banks

South Africa’s central bank announced Tuesday that it is collaborating with the Brooklyn-based Ethereum startup ConsenSys on a pilot program using JP Morgan’s open source blockchain platform Quorum.

Apple Inc.'s Awkward 3D Touch Situation

This article originally appeared in the Motley Fool. In the fall of 2015, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) introduced the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. One of the big new features that Apple included in these