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IB Times: Technology

Apple Still Pondering Possible MediaTek Deal On Modem Chips For iPhones

In the recent years, Apple has relied on Qualcomm for the modem chips of its iPhones. However, the Cupertino giant wants to change this by tapping another chip supplier. But it has yet to decide if

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Could Control Music Playback Via Bluetooth

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 is expected to come with high-end features. Now it appears as though even the phablet’s S Pen could be getting some new features that will make it more useful than its

Instagram Stories Doubles Up On Snapchat In Daily Active Users

Not even two years after Instagram took one of Snapchat’s most popular features and reconfigured it for its own service, the photo-sharing app has come out well on top. Instagram announced last week

Facebook Reveals More Than 50 Hardware Data Partnerships In Document

Social media giant Facebook has spent most of 2018 fighting off accusations of data misuse, and a document released over the weekend will not stem that tide. Facebook gave hundreds of pages worth of

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone Won’t Just Fold In Half

When rumors about Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone first surfaced online, many believed that the device will fold in half. However, a new report from the tech giant’s home country is claiming that

Samsung Galaxy S9 S Pen Could Control Music Playback Via Bluetooth

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 is expected to come with high-end features. Now it appears as though even the phablet’s S Pen could be getting some new features that will make it more useful than its

Why ‘Starhawk’ Multiplayer Features Are No Longer Working

The multiplayer features of PlayStation 3-exclusive video game “Starhawk” are no longer working, and it’s because the online functionality of the third-person shooter has been terminated. On June 30,

Invisibility Cloak: New Technology Makes Real-World Objects Invisible

A group of researchers at Montreal's National Institute of Scientific Research developed a spectral invisibility cloak, a device that might soon make real-world objects invisible. The idea of

Google Announcing Gaming Hardware For Yeti Streaming Service In October?

Google could possibly be announcing a gaming device during its hardware event this coming October. It has now been revealed that the Mountain View giant is working on gaming hardware for its rumored

Microsoft’s X-Shaped Xbox Prototype Resurfaces Nearly Two Decades After Unveiling

If you’ve been an avid fan of Microsoft’s gaming platform, then you may have already known about the original design and form of the first Xbox console. The giant X-shaped prototype of the gaming

Plastic-Eating Bacteria Could Solve World’s Pollution Problem

Pollution caused by plastics has become a very serious environmental crisis in the recent years. The problem lies on the fact that plastic takes centuries to break down, so it can damage its

Mars Will Be Visible To The Naked Eye This Month

Mars will be in its closest position to Earth in 15 years later this month of July. On July 31, the Red Planet will reach its closest approach to our planet due to opposition, or the phenomenon in

Why Is Google Funding Feature Phone Operating System KaiOS?

It appears Google has a big plan to penetrate the feature phone market despite already dominating the smartphone market with its Android operating system. The search engine giant recently invested $22

Apple’s 2018 iPhones Could Come With Dual-SIM Trays

The rumors of Apple launching dual-SIM iPhones are back once again. A report fresh from China claims the iPhone X successor and the other 2018 models launching this coming September could feature

Samsung Galaxy S10 To Sport Bigger Display Than Note 9 Phablet

Reports fresh from South Korean media say Samsung Electronics’ upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship phone will sport a larger display than the Galaxy Note 9 phablet. The Investor reported Friday, citing

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs, Features: Unpacked Event Data Revealed

The rumors about Samsung Electronics launching the successor to last year’s Galaxy Note 8 earlier than expected were right all along. The South Korean giant has already sent out invitations for a big

Amy Hennig Departs EA, Her Untitled 'Star Wars' Game Is Now On Hold

Electronic Arts shut down Visceral Games last October and the secret “Star Wars” game it was developing was reportedly being changed. Now the game’s creative director, Amy Hennig, has confirmed that

Yet Another Quiz App Harvested Facebook User Data After Cambridge Analytica

Months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal rocked Facebook’s public image and led to CEO Mark Zuckerberg directly addressing government bodies, it sounds like the root of the problem has not been

Most Expensive Cars: 25 Costliest Automobiles Ever Sold At Auction

If you are an automobile lover, you probably know that some of the famous vintage cars designed by brands like Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Aston-Martin and so on, have changed hands over the years

Niantic Opens AR Platform To Third-Party Developers, Shows Off Experimental Capabilities

Niantic Labs, the developer behind “Pokémon Go,” has announced that it is planning to open its augmented reality platform to third-party developers. The company also shared it’s vision for the future