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MIT Technology Review

A US attempt to keep AI out of China’s hands could actually help China

Proposed restrictions on the export of AI technologies risk making American businesses lose their competitive edge.

Online censorship in Saudi Arabia soared after Jamal Khashoggi’s murder

The main targets were foreign media websites, says a new service that automates censorship-tracking in countries governed by repressive regimes.

How UPS uses AI to outsmart bad weather

The delivery giant’s new machine-learning app aims to reroute packages away from snow and other bottlenecks in its global network.

Blockchain smart contracts are finally good for something in the real world

A startup says it has tackled a long-standing problem that has kept smart contracts from responding to actual events.

The Best of the Physics arXiv (week ending November 17, 2018

This week’s most thought-provoking papers from the Physics arXiv.

One of the fathers of AI is worried about its future

Yoshua Bengio wants to stop talk of an AI arms race and make the technology more accessible to the developing world.

Machine learning, meet quantum computing

A quantum version of the building block behind neural networks could be exponentially more powerful.

The rare form of machine learning that can spot hackers who have already broken in

Darktrace’s unsupervised-learning models sound the alarm before intruders can cause serious damage.

California needs to reinvent its fire policies, or the death and destruction will go on

Reducing the escalating destruction from fires will mean rethinking development patterns, forest management, early warning systems, and more.

Here’s what a manufacturing skills gap of more than 2 million people will look like

Unless manufacturers start exploring new strategies, they won’t be able to find enough people qualified to work in their specialized factories.