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Talk Android

Grab the stock wallpapers from the new Asus ROG Phone

New wallpapers can spiff up an older device, and usually save you some serious cash by curbing that new device envy. That’s doubly true for a phone like the Asus ROG Phone that costs a whopping $900.

The downward spiral starts as Essential lays off tons of employees

Essential as a company is pretty much doomed, but they’ve been handling maintenance mode pretty well for the past few months. The tides might be turning, though, as they’ve officially laid off around

Sony posts revised Android Pie update schedule for selected Xperia smartphones

Google officially announced that Android P would indeed become Android Pie back in August which means that the usual game of roulette regarding Android updates has begun. Having already started

Early leak shows off Red Hydrogen One specs before launch

The Red Hydrogen One has been a weird device of strange leaks and delays, and in all honesty we still don’t know a ton about it, especially since pre-orders have missed their original shipping date.

[TA Deals] Take over 90% off a lifetime subscription to VPN Secure

Searching for the perfect way to browse the web quietly and securely? Get a VPN! If you go through a public connection, you could be compromising personal data and get into big problems. So, to

Over one million Galaxy Note 9 smartphones sold in South Korea

The exploding Galaxy Note 7 debacle is all but forgotten by now, but Galaxy Note 9 sales haven’t been as robust as previous models. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have been more popular with stronger sales,

[Deal] Save up to 43% on these Gold Box deals from Anker

With October proving to be a crazy, crazy month for smartphone launches, it might be time to get some spring cleaning done in preparation for the arrival of your new handset. To help you in your quest

OnePlus CEO confirms 6T will launch running Android Pie but OnePlus 3/5 series Pie update is delayed

It’s just a few weeks since a stable build of Android Pie began rolling out to the OnePlus 6 after an extensive testing period, and now the OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, has confirmed that the OnePlus 6T

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with 10GB of RAM launches on October 25

Xiaomi is prepping to launch a first of its kind smartphone next week with 10GB of RAM and 5G data speed compatibility. A pop-up front facing camera is a third unique feature recently seen on the Oppo

YouTube app on Android finally gets a beta program

The good thing about Gboard and Chrome on Android is that their beta program handles tests and features prior to them hitting the masses. YouTube has utilized server-side tests that basically use

[TA Deals] Learn to take better photos with the Hollywood Art Institute Photography certification!

Better hardware will improve your photos and videos, but you can give an excellent photographer a mediocre camera and still get some shots that will blow you away. Knowing how to handle the equipment

YouTube is down for everyone right now, including YouTube TV and YouTube Music

Google’s major video streaming platform, YouTube, is totally down right now. The home page on desktop is struggling to load anything, and while the mobile app seems like it’s faring a little better at

Samsung updates the Galaxy S9 with a camera improvement and October security patch

Samsung released a rear camera update for the Galaxy Note 9 last month and now the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are getting a camera improvement, but for the front facing shooter. According to the changelog,

Google Maps adds electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to keep you on the road

Google periodically updates Google Maps with new and helpful features, and today added electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to help Tesla, Chevy Bolt and other electric car owners keep their

Google Pixel 3 pre-orders are now shipping (for some)

If you pre-ordered a Pixel 3 device directly from Google, shipment notifications are starting to hit email inboxes. Actual delivery dates are a little hazy at the moment, with some suggesting a

Huawei officially announces the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro with tons of cameras

Huawei has taken the wraps off of their Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro earlier today, showcasing an impressive suite of cameras with some slick new software additions. There’s really a lot to talk about with

[TA Deals] Learn the ins and outs of Arduino boards with the Starter Kit & Course Bundle

Arduino boards can be great outlets for creativity and productivity, especially for someone that likes to tinker. But even though they’re fun they can be daunting to dive into, so having a bundle of

Instagram is testing more changes to your feed, will hide older posts from the main screen

Instagram loves to change up your feed for content, and not always for the best. It’s happening again, too, with the app testing out a new setup for all of the pictures and videos that you have and

[TA Deals] Become a quicker reader with the discounted 2018 Speed Reading bundle

No matter what career you’re in or what hobbies you have, being able to read quicker will always be a helpful skill. It’s been linked to having more success in school and work, and we’ve got a bundle

Samsung Music gets a major update with Spotify recommendations and a refreshed design

Remember Milk Music? Samsung doesn’t, obviously, since they’ve had some affairs with both Google Play Music and Spotify. Between the two, though, it looks like Spotify is winning Samsung’s heart. A