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HTC hit with layoffs in the US, putting their American smartphone business in doubt

Anybody who’s been in the Android scene since its inception has no doubt had some experience with one of HTC’s products. They lead the early charge into the mainstream smartphone market, and they’ve

Android TV’s YouTube app gets a small redesign, includes video quality control

Google likes to tweak their YouTube interface, especially on mobile devices. However, their Android TV interface always seems to lag behind, even next to other set-top boxes. With that being said, it

Too in love with your phone? That’s a problem says new Motorola study

For years now leadership, management and self-improvement gurus have talked about people needing to establish a better work-life balance. Prepare for a new term to start being tossed about courtesy of

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Wireless chargers are useful little gadgets that make your life 10 times more convenient, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Look at the Takieso Marble Qi Wireless Charger, for example;

Google I/O 2018 signups are open!

Google I/O 2018 takes place in May this year, and Google has just opened up signups for the event to the general public. There are a few steps to take and entry isn’t guaranteed, but we’ll walk you

Android Oreo update is once again rolling out to the Galaxy S8 and S8+

It’s unfortunately a common occurrence these days. A new version of Android rolls out to a particular device, only to be abruptly suspended when a major bug is discovered. It’s definitely better to

Snapchat doubles down on their new design, regardless of how much you hate it

Unless you’ve been avoiding social media for the past week, you’ve probably heard just how much everyone hates the new Snapchat update. It’s been universally decried for being confusing, less

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ARM has designed a SIM that can fit on a processor chip

As manufacturers of electronic gadgetry continue to explore ways to shrink their wares, every conceivable component is scrutinized to try to figure out ways to minimize the size required. In the world

Specs leak confirming upcoming HTC Desire 12

In the last few days rumors surfaced that HTC was preparing a new smartphone for their Desire series of devices tentatively named the HTC Desire 12. That product appears to have been confirmed as

Android Pay officially becomes Google Pay

The day is finally here, and Google is dropping the Android Pay brand for Google Pay. The new service keeps pretty much all of the features of the older Android Pay platform, but long term will also

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Samsung taps composer Pétur Jónsson for 2018’s version of “Over the Horizon”

Love it or hate it, we can all probably recognize Samsung’s “Over the Horizon” from a distance. Samsung has been using it on their Galaxy devices as the default ringtone since 2011, and I’m sure

Chrome app cleans up URLs automatically for sharing

As more and more complicated services and information is accessed through web sites, you have probably noticed that some of the URLs have become unbelievably long and complicated. This can be due to

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Searching for the perfect way to browse the web quietly and securely? Get a VPN! If you go through a public connection, you could be compromising personal data and get into big problems. So, to

Samsung never learns, might unveil a new social network with the Galaxy S9

Samsung likes to throw things at a wall to see what sticks, but man, they’ve had some absolute duds and failures over the years, especially on the software side. We’ve had messaging apps like ChatOn,

Swype, the original swiping keyboard, is officially dead

Who remembers Swype? Back when Android was still booming and exploding with every new release, Swype was the go-to keyboard for anyone that wanted swipe gestures to speed up their typing on the

Most customers are making smartphone purchases online (and on other smartphones)

Think about the last time you purchased a smartphone. Did you go into a brick and mortar store, talk to a sales rep, and walk out with a shiny new gadget, or did you cruise over to your carrier’s

New Alcatel phones to be announced at MWC 2018

Alcatel has sent out press invites for their event being held in connection with MWC 2018 when they will announce three new smartphones. The company also took to Twitter to post an image of the

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