Why Decentralization Matters

Why Decentralization Matters

As you can see, I am not writing this presidents day weekend. I explained why on friday. Instead I’ve been posting things that I found worth sharing with all of you. Today, I want to share a blog post

Audio Of The Week: A Decentralized AI Platform

My friend Gordon texted me this podcast and said “AI, blockchain, and homomorphic data. Trifecta!” I gave it a listen and indeed some very interesting concepts are discussed in this one.

Video Of The Week: Is Crypto the Future of Early Stage Funding?

A lot of people in the crypto sector have suggested that ICOs and tokens are the future of early stage investing and highly disruptive to my business (venture capital). In this video (yet another from
Fun Friday: Skiing

Fun Friday: Skiing

The long Presidents Weekend has always been ski time for our us. And the same is true this year. We’ve arrived in ski country with a bunch of friends and plan on being out on the mountains for the

The Dronebase API – Assign Drone Missions Directly In Your Workflow

Our portfolio company DroneBase announced another round of funding today but the more exciting thing to me is that they have built out and are scaling the operational layer for the drone industry.
Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. It’s a day to celebrate and and care for the people we love. A special shout-out to my son Josh who was born twenty two years ago today.
Stash Your Cash

Stash Your Cash

My partner Rebecca announced our most recent investment yesterday in a company called Stash. Stash is a simple mobile app that you connect to your bank account and each week (or month) you stash some

Pixel Buds vs AirPods

When I got my new Pixel 2XL recently, the Google Play Store offered me to add the Pixel Buds to my cart and get them for half price. Normally they are $159 (same price as AirPods). So I took up Google

Streaming The Olympics

Yesterday morning something amusing happened. My friend and I were headed out to go skiing and we both got texts from our children asking for the logins to our cable accounts. I thought to myself that

Video Of The Week: Blockchains: A Shift (Back)Toward Decentralization

Last week I posted a video that the folks at Upfront Ventures did on the current investor mindset in crypto. There are few more videos in this Upfront series and today I am posting one about the shift

Funding Friday: Hackers Are Creators

The Internet has given creators a lot of interesting ways to sustain their work and lives. USV has invested in some of them; Kickstarter, Drip, Etsy, SoundCloud, Shapeways, Splice, YouNow, Wattpad,

John Perry Barlow

John Perry Barlow understood what the Internet was, what it could be, and what it must be before most of us did. He passed away yesterday and the Internet filled with remembrances. Here are some of
How To Think About Selloffs

How To Think About Selloffs

The crypto markets had a good day yesterday but have been down a lot since peaking in early January. Bitcoin peaked at almost $20,000USD in mid December and has gone down by roughly 60% since then.

Quizlet – The World’s Largest User Generated Learning Platform

On the occasion of our portfolio company Quizlet‘s announcement of a new round of funding today, I thought I’d talk about what led us to Quizlet and why it is poised to be a game changer in education.

Setting Up A New Phone

I finally got around to buying the Pixel 2, a phone that several of my USV colleagues have said is the best phone they have owned. It’s too early in my relationship with this phone to comment on

Splitting The Deal

Syndicating an early stage investment is a time honored practice in the venture capital business. It was extremely common in the VC business in the early 80s when I started. I assume syndicating was a

Video Of The Week: The Upfront Summit Crypto Video

The annual Upfront Summit took place in LA this past week. I attended day two and enjoyed it very much. Prior to the summit, the Upfront team interviewed a bunch of investors in the crypto sector and

Funding Friday: An Open Source Voice Assistant

I backed this project last week. I think open source and transparency is badly needed in this market.

USV Is Hiring Two Analysts

It’s that time again. USV is hiring two analysts, each for a two year rotation. The hiring process is similar to what we have done in the past, but the role is a bit different. We are adopting more of
An Addition To The AVC Comment Policy

An Addition To The AVC Comment Policy

Yesterday I went to see what the community was talking about and found this at the top of the comment threads: I thought to myself “oh shit, the token scammers have arrived” and immediately deleted