Susan Lyne: "Sometimes it takes a fight"

From Jane Fonda and Martha Stewart to Shonda Rhimes and Patty Hearst. Few people’s careers have intersected with as many media legends as Susan Lyne.

Serena Schuler: TV has a responsibility to create role models

Earlier this year, the creator of HBO’s Silicon Valley got defensive about the idea that his cast isn’t diverse enough, and not for the first time. He told the Hollywood Reporter: "I don't think you

Tesla shareholders are waging a culture war of their own

If the stock market has a correlate of the culture wars that have divided political discourse into two irreconcilable camps, it's Tesla. Moreso than Netflix, or Apple, or Amazon – stocks that have

Taking back the Internet for women

Dear Internet created almost exclusively by young white men: Female-founded companies are coming for you. YES, I am biased, but this is the most exciting and hopeful trend I've seen in startups in a

Snap remains a work in progress, one that happens to be regressing

“Snap is a camera company.” I kept thinking of this phrase – Snap's chosen corporate tagline – while the company was reporting and discussing earnings. Landing on its investor relations site, the

Facebook is now two companies. One is having a good week

Any large company is going to be seen as sometimes good, sometimes bad, but rarely has that tension played out so dramatically – and so weirdly – as it is right now with Facebook. All along, Good

Netflix, born an underdog, now eats underdogs

The Blockbuster I used to drive to for a weekend DVD is now a Goodwill. Watching Last Week Tonight on Sunday, I thought about that during the segment about one of last remaining Blockbuster stores in

Pro Tip VCs: $15m to a de-risked business isn’t a Series A

On the eve of my moving to Silicon Valley at the peak of the last bubble, I was playing Trivial Pursuit with my family. The question in Science and Technology I got was: What four letter word do

Aaron Hirschhorn: The $70 million dog sitter

When I first heard about DogVacay, it struck me as one of those “Airbnb of X” or “Uber of X” derivatives that swept through startup-dom over the last few years. I liked the founders, and I got the

Zuckerberg unbound

If poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, then the Congressional hearing is unacknowledged theater. It's performance above policy, Kabuki with the drabbest of costumes. Yesterday Mark

Jerry Yang: I was my favorite Yahoo! CEO

One of my favorite interviews we’ve done was with Yahoo! Co-Founder Jerry Yang. Not just because of what he’s done, but because of the time we did it. There are a lot of interesting moments in history

Jennifer Justice: If bitch means being good, then great. I’m a bitch.

Jennifer Justice is as much of a bad-ass as her Marvel Superhero name implies. She’s the current President of Corporate Development at Superfly, producers of festivals like Bonnaroo and Outside Lands.

Introducing Chairman Mom: My new subscription-based platform that believes in working moms

Today, I'm launching Chairman Mom, a subscription-based platform where badass working women can help each other solve the hardest problems they face. [Update: 's Lydia Dishman and TechCrunch's Megan

Andrea Berry talks about her new startup, Fluidity.Love

Entrepreneur Andrea Berry has launched a new startup. Called Fluidity.Love it’s a content site with articles, advice, and data on how to celebrate and be supportive of gender fluidity at home and in

Momentum is shifting from ad revenue to subscription revenue, and that's not good for Facebook

If there is one beneficiary emerging from the crisis of conscience engulfing Facebook right now, it's the subscription-based business model. For the first two decades after the Netscape browser began

Forget trust, Facebook will continue to surge (and fail to change) because of its ad platform

Facebook’s lousy month rolls on. While many have been quick to point out that the platform hasn’t lost much in the way of users, and likely hasn’t suffered many real business , its stock has lost

Softbank's Vision Fund: A 300-year vision with a case of myopia

For decades, Silicon Valley venture capital has operated on the principle that bigger is not always better. The dot-com bust left seasoned VCs with scars that still serve as a reminder that simply

Sheryl Sandberg isn't Zuckerberg's nanny... but that doesn't mean she can hide from the Cambridge Analytica scandal

This is one of those weeks that Sheryl Sandberg may be regretting tying the phrase “Lean In” so tightly to her personal brand. If I’ve seen one “Lean Out” joke about Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg’s

Has Instagram accidentally taken out Pinterest on its way to taking out Snap?

Despite being smack in the middle of its demographic, I have never been a Pinterest user. I actually just signed up again to try to see if the service was more compelling now. I make Halloween
Who is Meera Kaul?

Who is Meera Kaul?

A few weeks ago, Pando wrote about the latest comeback attempt of disgraced venture capitalist and admitted sexual harasser Justin Caldbeck. Caldbeck was scheduled to speak at a Women in STEM “Gender