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Facebook is closer to being another Yahoo than another Amazon

Facebook is closer to being another Yahoo than another Amazon

Something big is happening in social media, and investors in social-media companies can't make up their minds what it is. Facebook's daily active users rose 2% from the previous quarter. Its revenue

Sonos' IPO: A first day pop, but can it fight off Apple, Amazon et al and win for the long term?

When Sonos was founded in Santa Barbara, Calif., in 2002, the world of the audiophile was very different. Napster, that early digital death knell of packaged music, had just shut down. The iPod was

The problem with the bull case of “Facebook’s figured slowing growth out before”

The bigger they get, the further they can fall. Last week the media and Wall Street and Silicon Valley were all agog watching Facebook stumble… in fact, that’s the wrong verb. After revenue and user

Westergren and Conrad: "We were like the guy walking around the casino with just their underwear"

Pandora was never the darling of Silicon Valley. Ever. It never had the hype of Spotify, the scale of a hot social app, or the vision of Netflix. And yet, what it has always had is a leadership team

"The line"

This post has been a decade in the making. It was ten years ago this past February that I flew in to JFK for what was intended to be a three month American adventure, traveling across the US by plane

Dara Khosrowshahi: A massive void where Uber's values should be

Last week while I was traveling in Seattle, I stopped off at Geek Wire’s offices to appear on their (excellent) weekly podcast. One of the many things we talked about was whether or not Uber’s

Leslie Feinzaig’s Army of Women

Leslie Feinzaig went after the American dream. She left her home in Costa Rica to attend such prestigious schools as the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School. She moved to Seattle

Xiaomi's IPO takes a humbling blow, and that's not good for Chinese IPOs

“We must curb the tendency for greed,” Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun told the South China Morning Post in April. Which may explain the humbling of Xiaomi's long-awaited IPO. In May, Xiaomi filed for an IPO on

Kara Nortman: “We can’t all be flame throwers”

In 2018, it’s become fashionable to identify as a “female VC” or a “female founder.” It’s even become badass to hold a baby while ringing an IPO bell, or have the courage to take full maternity leave.

Netflix broke the old TV model, and now all hell is breaking loose

Media giants like Disney should have taken note back in 2010, when Blockbuster declared bankruptcy: Netflix was a budding serial killer in the making - and its victims of choice were giant corporate

Stewart Butterfield: If snakes had our technology, we would be toast

Very few entrepreneurs have been are able to successfully create a viral, cult-like following around something as random as workplace collaboration software. But, if anyone could — it would be Stewart

Four years after its IPO, Alibaba may be finally approaching its potential

Of all the tech companies to go public in the past five years, none has had as much potential as Alibaba. Alibaba wasn't just the Amazon of China, as coverage in the Western media explained before its

A line in the sand

I did not realize how much anxiety I was carrying about the recall of Judge Aaron Persky until last night, when I saw the early returns-- later confirmed-- that the recall was going to go through. I

A bunch of cloud companies you've never heard of are reviving the tech IPO market

You may or may not have heard of Zuora, but it's emerging as the poster child for the 2018 tech IPO market. Tech IPOs are having their best first-half in several years, and it's largely thanks to

Zohn Zimmer: We’re focused on the two trillion dollar opportunity

Several years ago, I joked that Lyft’s investors— a motley crew that includes Japanese conglomerates, billionaire hedge funds, other ride-sharing startups, sharp elbowed activists like Carl Icahn, and

Susan Lyne: "Sometimes it takes a fight"

From Jane Fonda and Martha Stewart to Shonda Rhimes and Patty Hearst. Few people’s careers have intersected with as many media legends as Susan Lyne.

Serena Schuler: TV has a responsibility to create role models

Earlier this year, the creator of HBO’s Silicon Valley got defensive about the idea that his cast isn’t diverse enough, and not for the first time. He told the Hollywood Reporter: "I don't think you

Tesla shareholders are waging a culture war of their own

If the stock market has a correlate of the culture wars that have divided political discourse into two irreconcilable camps, it's Tesla. Moreso than Netflix, or Apple, or Amazon – stocks that have

Taking back the Internet for women

Dear Internet created almost exclusively by young white men: Female-founded companies are coming for you. YES, I am biased, but this is the most exciting and hopeful trend I've seen in startups in a

Snap remains a work in progress, one that happens to be regressing

“Snap is a camera company.” I kept thinking of this phrase – Snap's chosen corporate tagline – while the company was reporting and discussing earnings. Landing on its investor relations site, the