The Bear’s Lair: The untold story of systemic gender discrimination inside UC Berkeley’s IT Department

The Bear’s Lair: The untold story of systemic gender discrimination inside UC Berkeley’s IT Department

Vanessa Kaskiris was born in Hollywood and has blond hair, but she’s not what you are probably picturing right now. Hers was a different version of the California dream. When I first meet her, she

Admitted sexual harasser Justin Caldbeck won't be speaking at a Women In STEM conference after all

Last Friday, Valley entrepreneur Niniane Wang was alerted to the existence of the upcoming “Women in STEM Gender Summit” in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum. Sounds great, right? Who

Waymo vs Uber: Was it worth all that attention?

As the douche settles after the Waymo vs Uber case, let’s take a moment to ask: What was that all about? This was a civil case between two major name-brand Silicon Valley corporations – Uber and

THIS is why you don’t build $30 billion companies aimed at just one generation

I have been #longLA since before it was a hashtag, and definitely since before LA had its own consumer Internet decacorn. One of Pando’s first hires was Michael Carney to focus on the LA ecosystem.

Who had Twitter as the safe haven of choice during a tech selloff?

Twitter's stock has nearly doubled in the last six months, against a 11% rise in the Nasdaq Composite. So far in February, while the Nasdaq lost as much as 10% of its value during last week's selloff,

Travis Shrugs: Pando goes to the Uber/Waymo trial, pt 3

In September 2015, at the height of San Francisco’s Indian Summer, then-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sat beside Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff in front of a crowd of tens of thousands, on a stage erected in

How laser is the sauce? Pando goes to the Uber/Waymo trial, pt 2

Just before noon on Tuesday, former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stood before the tall wooden double doors of a federal courtroom in San Francisco. As he blithely chatted with a pair of familiar national

Turns out no dancing hot dogs were necessary. All that Snap needed was to act like a grown-up

Snap's stock was surging 45% mid-day Wednesday to $20.36 a share after delivering better than expected earnings for the first time since it went public a little more than a year ago. Not only did that

Pando goes to... the Uber/Waymo trial

After almost a year of anticipation, the big legal fight between Google* and Uber finally found its way to a jury on Monday morning. Judge William Alsup’s courtroom and an overflow room down the hall

Silicon Valley against Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is in a weird place. The valuations of private companies and amounts of (mostly Asian) capital they are sucking in is unprecedented. The large cap public tech companies look more

Facebook, having reached a crossroad, is determined to travel down both paths

Facebook has gone through something of an in the past year as evidence of its cancerous emerged and as former developers and loyal users alike its . Mark Zuckerberg's response journeyed from denial to

Expanding the borders into hell: Can a new crop of female and minority founded venture funds rescue us from the “hoodie kings”?

Lately, I’ve found a new reason to hope. New waves of startups always begin before you realize it. There aren’t clean breaks, where the old wave of companies all go public and then everyone has a

Facebook wants to be liked. Will that be enough to make it change?

Facebook-- appropriately-- just reminded me that it was a year ago that I wrote one of the most trafficked stories we published all of last year. It was called “Lean Out: The deafening post-November

America's bias against working moms comes down to one question: Do you value your female employees or not?

Before you consider a single finding in ReCode’s survey of mothers returning to work in the tech world, you need to remember and internalize one reality: Just how backwards this country is when it

In 2018, Women need companies like PandiaHealth more than ever

If there’s one thing all the waves of feminism pretty much agree on, it’s this: In order for women to have economic freedom, we need to be able to control when and how and if we become

Netflix grows faster, spends more: A case study of tech optimism and unease

As investors ride into the first wave of tech earnings reports in 2018, there is a weird mix of optimism and unease. From a financial perspective, the prospects for big tech look as bright as ever.

Tell me again why Uber is worth $69 billion?

Uber’s early employees, investors, and founders were racing to cash out their shares for a steep 30% hair cut to the company’s vaunted $69 billion valuation it had before its disastrous 2017. Uber

Kalanick's payday shows there's no “evolution in corporate America”

On Tuesday, CEOs from some of the world’s largest companies got a letter from Laurence Fink, the founder and CEO of BlackRock. The message, according to the New York Times: You need to contribute to

Wonder Woman Island or the Avengers?

Last night, I watched Jessica Valenti -- a feminist advocate and author I respect a great deal-- on Comedy Central’s Alex Jones-parodying show “The Opposition.” I became a fan of the show, when they

“I’m surprised there was not more of a backlash”: The inside story of putting rape culture on the ballot in Santa Clara

One of our most popular podcasts last year was with Michele Dauber, the Stanford Law Professor and head of the Committee to Recall Judge Persky, the judge in the Brock Turner case who made national