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Can the Arctic teach the world to cooperate?

Must exploitation and conflict inevitably accompany exploration and expansion? Or can we learn the lessons of the past and reap the benefits of expansion without falling prey to its temptations?

Labor shortage? Employers tap foreign workers, visas permitting.

Temporary visas are a small part of the politically fraught issue of immigration. But recent restrictions and a tight job market are putting fresh focus on the role foreign workers play in the US

Polar power play: Who will prevail at the rooftop of the world?

The world’s superpowers rush to exploit the Arctic as the sea ice melts.

'Atticus Finch' tackles tough questions about an American icon

Emory University professor Joseph Crespino uses the writings of real-life Atticus Finch (A.C. Lee, father of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author Harper Lee) and Lee herself to bring context to a

How regime change, with modifications, has new life under Trump

How to deal with rogue nations? Recent US experiments with "regime change" in Iraq and Afghanistan appeared to delist the policy as an option. But in the latest iteration of the Trump administration,

The new calm in combatting Ebola

As health officials rush to contain a new outbreak of the virus in Africa, they are applying lessons from the 2014-16 crisis about the need to contain fear.

Texas school shooting draws attention back to student gun control efforts

A shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, on Friday marks the deadliest assault on a school since the massacre in Parkland, Fla. The attack will add urgency to the national student

Many employers say foreign workers are answer to a labor shortage

The idea of the guest worker has long been controversial. Now it’s in the spotlight again as tighter controls on immigration run up against a tighter job market. We look at lobster shacks that are

'First Reformed' charts a young priest's slide into ecoterrorism

Many of Paul Schrader's signature films involve the agonies of faith and redemption.

'On Chesil Beach' tells a tragic story of crossed love

Ian McEwan’s resoundingly melancholy 2007 novel 'On Chesil Beach' has been respectfully adapted by McEwan, acting as screenwriter, with theater director Dominic Cooke.

'The Seagull' offers strong performances, Chekovian sorrow

Saoirse Ronan shines in a tender, wrenching performance as the lovelorn Nina.

'The Guardians' beautifully portrays the dynamics of a family farm in WWI France

Director Xavier Beauvois, best known for the 2010 film 'Of Gods and Men,' about Trappist monks in embattled Algeria, has a sensitivity to the ordeals of enclosed communities.

In humanitarian gesture, Egypt keeps Rafah crossing open through Ramadan

The Rafah Border crossing, which connects Egypt to the Gaza Strip, will remain open through the Muslim holy month, allowing the Red Crescent to bring much-needed aid shipments into Gaza.

Aid agencies sign onto global plan to supply clean energy to refugees

Access to electricity is a lifeline for displaced persons enabling them to set up businesses and experience a degree of normalcy. A new plan aims to have clean energy in wide use in refugee camps by

Royal wedding helps spotlight Britain's housing crisis

In response to increasing housing costs and homelessness in Britain, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have named a national homelessness charity called Crisis as one of seven organizations selected to

Global sailing race spotlights plastic pollution in oceans

The Volvo Ocean Race spans 12 ports and 45,000 miles and for the seven competing crews, it provides direct insight into the state of pollution in the oceans. For both the sailors and spectators, the

Gina Haspel makes history as first female CIA director

In the closest vote in history, Gina Haspel has been confirmed by the Senate as the next CIA director. While backed by many senior intelligence officers, opponents expressed concern about her

As sports betting expands, gambling addiction services fall behind

After the Supreme Court's decision earlier this week permitting sports betting, those involved in gambling addiction recovery are worried that without robust support systems problem gambling will only