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Readers write: Reporter’s experiences over the decades in China

Letters to the editor for the Feb. 26, 2018 weekly magazine.

As Estonia turns 100, a new embrace of its Russian speakers

Estonia's relationship with its Russian-speaking population, who arrived after WWII, has long been strained. But spurred by tensions with Russia, the country is making efforts to better integrate and

Helping the world’s largest group of homeless

The UN and Europe have put out a plea to assist 4.1 million displaced people in Congo. Such aid might help the country become Africa’s next democratic success story.

'Arm the good guys'? Kentucky and other states weigh adding guns to schools.

Five school shootings so far in 2018 have resulted in serious physical injury or death – including the fatal shooting of 17 students and teachers in Florida.

After Parkland shooting, Kentucky and other states weigh adding guns to schools

Five school shootings so far in 2018 have resulted in serious physical injury or death – including the fatal shooting of 17 students and teachers in Florida.

'Annihilation' has cheesy visual effects

There are times when the film skirts silliness, but director Alex Garland has a gift for locating the horror inside that silliness.

‘The Party’ has great cast, somewhat negligible story

In its themes and tone, it resembles a minor-league distillation of Edward Albee and Woody Allen.

'The Young Karl Marx' chronicles the early life of the philosopher

Trying to encompass a vast swath of historical upheaval in the story of Marx and Friedrich Engels may well be an impossible task. Still, shouldn’t the film’s style be a bit more in tune with the

Top Picks: The podcast 'American History Tellers,' Oscar nominees on DVD and Blu-ray, and more

Nils Frahm's 'All Melody' is the product of recording complex Saal 3, photographer Florian Nick's travels through Alberta and British Columbia yielded a beautiful time-lapse movie, and more top picks.

Airbnb is dispatching inspectors to thousands of properties for new 'Plus' program

The new program, aimed at winning over travelers who aren't sure they can trust the star rating system, comes at at time when the company's growth has been slowing.

Farmers lobby for immigration reform to address labor shortages

The American Farm Bureau is lobbying for better access to foreign workers to meet labor shortages. Many local farmers rely on seasonal workers from Mexico to help them harvest what can't be picked by

When Olympism runs in the family

From the bobsledding niece of an MLB player to the daughter of Olympic rowers, a number of this year's Winter Olympians have been propelled by athletically accomplished relatives. But 'propelled'

Neanderthals had the brainpower to create art, according to new studies

The artwork is rudimentary, but the new findings are a surprise that 'constitutes a major breakthrough in the field of human evolution studies.'

Myanmar bulldozes remnants of Rohingya villages

Satellite images of Myanmar's Rakhine state show dozens of Rohingya villages have been leveled by authorities. Human rights advocates say the government is demolishing what amounts to scores of crime

European migration to UK slows as Brexit transition nears

Migration into Britain from Europe has reached its lowest point since 2013, indicating Brexit has changed the dynamics of immigration into the country. But Brexit is not the only reason behind the

Lindsey Vonn scatters grandfather's ashes in South Korea

The American ski great scattered some of the ashes of her grandfather, who served during the Korean War, on a rock that she was told was special when she visited South Korea last year to be named a

Healed of grief after the loss of a beloved pet

Today’s contributor shares how her grief “vanished like fog in the sunshine” when she gained a fuller understanding of the immortal, spiritual nature of life created by God.

As 'Black Panther' hits screens in Africa, 'the hero is all of us'

In Marvel's depiction of Wakanda, many African fans see something rarer than vibranium: a big-screen image of Africa that defies Hollywood stereotypes.

With elections imminent, Italy pulls out the stops to fight fake news

The issue of fake news – bufale, in Italian – has dominated concerns in Italy ahead of the March 4 parliamentary elections. The government, in partnership with companies like Facebook, has launched