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Christian Science Monitor

A Closer Look at the Gender Pay Gap

Women take low paying jobs. Women don’t advocate for themselves. The gender pay gap isn’t real. These are some of the myths that persist about gender pay gap. But why does the gap really exist? It’s

Colonialism in reverse

The story of Juba Arabic is one of colonization. The language is a mixture of different tongues imposed upon the South Sudanese by outsiders. That makes the story of Juba Arabic an allegory of sorts.

In Florida, felons regain their right to vote

On Nov. 6, Florida voters passed Amendment 4, a measure restoring the voting rights of felons who have served their sentences. "Every community is impacted by this," says Neil Volz of the Florida

From nationalism to 'fake news,' legacies of World War I still relevant

World War I may have ended a century ago, but many of the issues that swirled around it remain highly relevant even now. Monitor writers took a look at nine of those topics and how they still

What makes a veteran?

Today’s contributor considers the spiritual power of qualities such as strength, honor, integrity, and brotherly love expressed by veterans from all walks of life.

More girls, African-Americans enroll in AP computer science. Why that matters.

Many computer science professions are known for being disproportionately white and male. But the Advanced Placement computer science tests have seen a recent spike in the number of female and minority

Why did so many young people vote?

The unusually high turnout for a midterm election may be driven by better civic education, especially the hands-on kind that instills lifelong activism instead of cynicism and indifference.

US midterms make Putin’s rocky road to Trump even rockier

Americans weren’t the only ones closely watching US midterm results. Much of the world was too, including Russia. A Democratic House will complicate Vladimir Putin’s efforts to cut deals with

For ‘Ballad of Buster Scruggs,’ Coens travel to Old West

It’s an anthology film consisting of six discrete vignettes set in the Old West.

'The Front Runner' chronicles Gary Hart's last presidential campaign

Director and co-screenwriter Jason Reitman’s attempts to mimic a loose-limbed political movie in the style of Robert Altman’s 'Tanner' series or 'The Candidate' are rather leaden.

How China’s loosening of rhino, tiger ban could spur poaching

China has relaxed its 25-year-old ban on rhino and tiger products, a move that observers say could create a demand for illegally obtained wildlife parts.

In Florida Panhandle, resilience battles uncertain ability to rebuild

Poor rural communities inland were caught off guard by hurricane Michael, and lapses in long-term recovery efforts can exacerbate existing inequality, experts say. But there is a strain of resilience

In bipartisan push, Medicare expands to give seniors in-home support

By next year, Medicare Advantage will offer additional services to seniors – including help with chores, safety devices, and home-delivered meals – in about 20 states. It's a rare moment of

Kemp declares victory in Georgia, but Abrams' campaign keeps counting

In Georgia's highly contested election for governor, former Secretary of State Brian Kemp has declared victory, but Stacy Abrams' campaign argues that there are enough outstanding votes to force a

Trump administration poised to change asylum protocol

While federal law states that an immigrant can apply for asylum within a year of arriving in the United States, regardless of how they entered, President Trump plans to restrict asylum claims to those

In California, raging wildfire forces thousands to evacuate

The entire community of Paradise, Calif., was forced to evacuate on Nov. 8 as a wildfire ripped through homes, supermarkets, businesses, schools, and other structures. Despite the chaos, firefighters

Western author Louis L'Amour's first novel? A seafaring tale

L'Amour never published his first novel, 'No Traveller Returns,' which draws upon on his early life at port and at sea. Now the novel is being released for the first time with the help of his son,

Top Picks: 'My Brilliant Friend,' 'Poetry of the Day' series

The movie 'Three Identical Strangers' is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, 'Hilda' is streaming on Netflix, and more top picks.