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Christian Science Monitor

In clash over clearances, questions about long-term effects

Country over party has, for the most part, been a bulwark for the intelligence community. In a crisis, such loyalty is paramount. Today, mutual recrimination is testing that imperative as never

Cuban farmers meet land ownership opportunity with a shrug

The government has voted in favor of the right to own private property but farmers don't expect big gains. The changes are part of a broader shift away from a Soviet-style economy as Cuba tries to woo

Trump’s call for patient capitalism

The president asked federal regulators to lessen the pressure on corporations to report quarterly profits. He joins many others in trying to ensure long-term investments built on fundamental values,

Why a Turkey-US trade spat could shake Europe and Syria

Turkey's standoff with the US may at its core be a simple fight over tariffs. But its political fallout could be much broader, impacting NATO, Syria, and the European Union.

Pope Francis condemns priestly sexual abuse and its cover-up

In the wake of new reports of sexual abuse by US clergy, the pope has issued a letter to Catholics worldwide asking for forgiveness. "We showed no care for the little ones; we abandoned them," he

Greece's bailout comes to an end but financial woes persist

The country's economy is growing modestly, exports are up, and unemployment is down, but Greece must now prove it can support itself without financial helplines. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is

How November midterm elections could change the state of play

On. Nov. 6, voters head to the ballot box for the first midterm elections under President Trump. Both parties are billing them as crucial for the direction of the country. At stake: the Republican

Can dogfish save Cape Cod fisheries?

Overfishing and climate change are robbing Cape Cod of its namesake fish. Ever adaptable, fishermen are shifting sights to the dogfish. But Americans aren’t quite ready to bite just yet.

Separated Korean families reunite for brief, long-awaited meetings

Dozens of elderly South Koreans crossed the heavily fortified border into North Korea for emotional reunions with relatives. The weeklong event, the first of its kind in almost three years, comes as

Annan remembered as a fierce advocate of equality and rights

Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary-general who died Saturday, steered the United Nations for almost a decade. He shaped the organization's mission, committing the UN to combatting poverty, promoting

'Pink wave' continues as more women than ever win primaries

A record number of women are running and winning primaries ahead of US midterm elections, coming on a wave of increased enthusiasm among women voters. The November ballots could go a long way to

What Corey Lewandowski told us about Donald Trump’s Rolls-Royce

President Trump’s first campaign manager remains a confidant. At a Monitor Breakfast, Lewandowski told stories that show the president is just like us - sort of.

The power of sincerity

A recent documentary about children’s TV host Fred Rogers inspired today’s contributor to think more deeply about the sincerity we’re all divinely empowered to express.

A champion of foster children in need of permanent families

Those aging out of the foster care system can face myriad challenges. Ken Mullner has been a key figure in efforts to make sure that every child’s yearning for a loving, supportive family is

Can surfing lift all boats in one impoverished Salvadoran community?

El Salvador has been gaining a bigger and bigger reputation for violence. But in one part of the country, Marcelo Castellanos has been central to an innovative effort to counter the challenges.

As Imran Khan takes office, military looms over plan for 'New Pakistan'

From campaign slogan to oath-of-office attire, Imran Khan has signaled he wants a new chapter for Pakistan. It’s a frequent promise of charismatic, break-the-mold politicians. But it often collides

Amid 'summer of the gun,' Canada sees US firearms debate creeping north

For most of the world when it comes to gun control, Canada is America's responsible neighbor. But as high-profile shootings and gun deaths rise in Canada, the gun debate there is increasingly

How to deflect an asteroid hurtling toward Earth

Asteroids collide with planets all the time, so scientists at NASA are working to prepare for the unlikely possibility of a major collision.