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Russia Beyond the Headlines

Here’s why Russia’s iconic 1862 novel ‘Fathers and Sons’ is still relevant

Ivan Turgenev is one of the greatest Russian writers, author of perhaps the best novel about the generational divide between parents and children. In 2018, Russia celebrates the 200th anniversary of

How did the Russian Orthodox Church survive 70 years of atheism in the USSR? (PHOTOS)

With thousands of priests killed or arrested, Russian Orthodoxy still managed to reach compromises with harsh Soviet leaders and survive the brutal Bolshevik years. Read Full Article at

Russian theater companies are using augmented reality to draw in the crowds

Want to catch a glimpse of a play before splashing the cash on a ticket? Now you can...in 3D on the street. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

4 strange and bizarre foods popular in pre-Communist Russia

A special type of tripe, pigs and ducks made out of fish, fried swan… Russians have always been inventive with food. Behold the strangest Russian dishes, some of them already forgotten. Read Full

Compare this hilarious beginner and pro lezginka dance (VIDEO)

Lezginka is the dance of ‘proud eagles,’ but it takes a while to master...as you can see. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

5 Russian songs that unintentionally became meme royalty

Over the years, Russia has mastered the art of the completely unintentional viral hit. Whether they like it or not, these five artists are now part of meme folklore. Read Full Article at

When is the best time to visit Russia? (VIDEO)

Traveling to Russia might feel like a lottery: after all, we have almost every climate and weather imaginable, from subarctic freezing cold in the north to scorching hot beaches in the south. Read

8 natural wonders in Russia that are (relatively) easy to reach (PHOTOS)

Want to wander through a permafrost kingdom or see smiling seals? Come to Russia. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

White Coke: The capitalist drink Soviet generals couldn’t get enough of

Coca-Cola made a worldwide splash in WWII, but the capitalism-tinged soft drink was kept well away from the USSR. The privilege was only extended to one man, who happened to be the greatest Soviet war
How did Russia’s ‘fleet of lunatics’ almost start a war with Great Britain?

How did Russia’s ‘fleet of lunatics’ almost start a war with Great Britain?

A major blunder by Russian sailors put their country on the brink of war with the British Empire in 1904. This in turn could have led to the two countries never becoming allies, and the outcome of

This is how people survive in Shoyna, Russia's northernmost desert (VIDEO)

Extensive trawling turned this once prosperous fishing village into a remote sand dune, but locals are trying to persevere the nature. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

How Russians changed my life: Andrea from Colombia

My first impression of Russia was, “Damn, Russians don’t smile! It’s not a stereotype, it’s the truth!” Russians are actually very friendly, just deep down inside. Read Full Article at

12 archive photos showing the history of Lake Baikal

The world’s deepest lake, comparable in size to Belgium or the Netherlands, is also the planet’s largest freshwater lake and boasts breathtaking scenery. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com
‘Children of the enemy’ – What was life like for Austrian children fathered by Soviet soldiers?

‘Children of the enemy’ – What was life like for Austrian children fathered by Soviet soldiers?

Born in the years immediately following World War II, the boys and girls who resulted from relationships between Austrian women and Soviet soldiers were called “children of the enemy” and “children of

10 awkward questions about Siberia, Siberian men and cold weather

Should one be afraid of Siberians, and why are they called that? Is Siberia a colony or a separate country? Here are the answers to the questions you were afraid to ask. Read Full Article at

Uglich kremlin: Bright beacon on the Volga River

How the Church of Tsarevich Dmitry and the Prince Chambers have changed throughout the centuries. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

College shooting rampage in Crimea: 21 dead and 50 injured (VIDEO)

An 18 y.o. male student reportedly detonated a hand-made explosive and a shotgun. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

Russia’s gun enthusiasts are getting pretty excited about new civilian rifles

A series of rifles has appeared on the market designed for use with the new 9.6x53mm Lancaster cartridge, which could become the main ammunition of the Russian army. Read Full Article at

How foreigners change Russian cuisine: France’s Regis Trigel cooks Beef Stroganoff

In Imperial times, Beef Stroganoff was created for the nobility, specifically for Count Pavel Stroganoff. Then in Soviet times, the meal was popularized and served in cafeterias throughout the

E-wallet or Apple Pay: What are Russia’s most popular digital payment methods?

The number of users paying with e-wallets in Russia has significantly grown, making it the preferable e-payment method in 2018 for 71 percent of the country’s population. Read Full Article at