Six High Frequency Indicators for the Eventual Recovery

Six High Frequency Indicators for the Eventual Recovery

These indicators are mostly for travel and entertainment - some of the sectors that will probably recover very slowly. The TSA is providing daily travel numbers. Click on graph for larger

European consumers stockpile savings, adding to economic drag

Bank deposits surge as households seek to shield themselves from impact of coronavirus

Investors see uncertain future in Mexico

López Obrador needs foreign money but companies say he keeps changing the rules

Richest nations face $17tn government debt burden from coronavirus

Fall in tax revenues set to push average debt-to-GDP ratio to 137%, warns OECD

China is pitting EU countries against each other

Italy’s lurch towards full-blown Euroscepticism threatens the bloc’s stability

China warns audit plans will drive companies from US exchanges

Beijing says Senate proposals are aimed at its groups and would politicise securities regulation

Australia: has the ‘lucky country’ run out of luck?

The pandemic is set to end the world’s longest run of growth just as Canberra falls out with China, its key trade partner
America begins to unlock for summer – but is it inviting a disastrous second wave?

America begins to unlock for summer – but is it inviting a disastrous second wave?

Covid-19 deaths are still rising, but there are signs of quarantine fatigue – and experts warn relaxing the rules too soon could have devastating consequencesCoronavirus – live US updatesLive global
Global markets fall as China moves to tighten control over Hong Kong

Global markets fall as China moves to tighten control over Hong Kong

Investors fear move will further heighten tensions between Beijing and WashingtonFears that moves by China to tighten its political control over Hong Kong will lead to heightened tensions between

U.S. Stocks Seeing Modest Weakness Amid Cautious Trading

Stocks are turning in a relatively lackluster performance during trading on Friday after ending the previous session mostly lower. The major averages have all dipped into negative territory, although

Mitch McConnell says next coronavirus bill will not extend enhanced unemployment benefits

House Democrats passed a bill last week to extend the enhanced $600 per week unemployment benefit through January.

Obama Made Me Do It, Trump Taking HCQ, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW432 5.22/2020) Susan Rice, the Obama Administration National Security Advisor, is saying it was Obama who was behind the takedown of General Flynn. This also

A no-deal Brexit amid the pandemic would be disgraceful

The wisest thing to do would be to reach a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU

The UK needs to extend its EU transition period

With or without a trade deal, the virus-hit economy would face extra burdens

Home sales dropped nearly 18% in April, while decline in inventory pushed prices to a record high

The economic fallout from the coronavirus hit the housing market hard in April.

US jobless claims keep climbing to hit 38.6m since lockdowns began

First-time benefit applications of 2.4m in the latest week in line with expectations

Sweden’s Covid-19 Experiment Looks Even Worse as Death Rate Rises, Neighbors Contemplate Cordon

More defenses of Sweden's failed Covid-19 approach appear even as evidence of its failure mounts.

IMF chief: halt bank dividends and buybacks now

Shareholders who sacrifice now will prosper when growth restarts