Watch: Gal Gadot Explains The Correct Way To Pronounce Her Last Name

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Gal Gadot is here to teach you how to pronounce her name, once and for all.

You probably found yourself pronouncing her last name as “Guh-dough” or “Gah-dot,” but sorry to disappoint you: both of those are wrong.

Let’s hear it from the actress herself. “I’m, probably 60 percent of the time, still Gadoh,” Gadot explained. “It is not Gadoh. But it’s also not quite Gah-DOTT. Her confusing advice is that the T is pronounced as ‘a lighter T...a softer T.’ ”

The correct pronunciation is “Ga-dote.” While people are always getting it wrong, she “appreciates that everyone is trying their best.”
[via YouTube ]
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