Can You Solve This Mind-Bending Coffee Riddle That Has Stumped The Internet?


If you have not had your daily cup of coffee, you should do so now, because there is a coffee riddle sweeping the internet that is going to need you to be at your sharpest.

A Twitter user named Purp posted the image and it is so mind-bending that people are still talking about it days later.

It shows a carafe of coffee “being poured into a network of pipes which lead to four different mugs.” Each tube stands at a different height and is of different length. You would have to figure out which coffee cup will get filled up first.

The brainteaser is actually way simpler than it looks. However, it has also baffled a lot of people, with the original post receiving about 4,600 likes, 2,100 retweets, and 2,200 replies.

People have been pretty conflicted over the puzzle, with many being unable to decide on one straight answer. Lots of people were convinced that the ninth coffee cup would be filled up first, while some argued for number four.

If you look closely at the picture, you will see that all other tubes have been blocked off except for number five. So regardless of height and length, only number five will be getting filled up with coffee.

4...9....7.....5 in that order

— Rγαη Fυgαζí
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