Watch: A Simple Hack That Makes Apple AirPods Fit Better, Sound Better

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Many people were skeptical about the Apple AirPods when they were first released, stating that they can get easily misplaced and would constantly fall out of their users ears—however, some owners of these wireless earbuds are delighted by how lightweight and unobtrusive they are.

If you generally enjoy using your AirPods but are not impressed with how it fits in your ear or the way they sound, this hack is for you—YouTube channel PoltergeistWorks has come up with a DIY project that will help to improve both the fit and sound of AirPods.

This hack requires a pair of foam earbud covers, a tiny screwdriver, a lighter and a marker. Start by placing the covers on the AirPods, and then marking the sensor locations with the marker. Next heat up the screwdriver with the lighter, and push it through the marked spots on the covers.

This quick and easy hack would not only ensure that the AirPods fit more snugly in your ears, but also “balanced out the sound significantly” and “boost the bass response” for enhanced sound quality. The best part: the foam-covered earbuds still fit perfectly into the AirPods case.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to pull off this hack.
[via PoltergeistWorks ]
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