Quiz: Which Zodiac Sign You Are Most Compatible With, Based On Your Personality


Image via Elizabeth Tsung (CC0)

You’ve probably read the standard advice about zodiac compatibility: water signs go with earth, fire goes with air, and so on.

Of course, it’s unlikely for anyone to identify with 100% of a sign’s traits—your priorities could differ drastically from another person who shares the same sign.

Andrew Ziegler of BuzzFeed has created a quiz that—surprise, surprise—doesn’t take your zodiac sign into consideration. Rather, it focuses on the degree of which you prefer certain traits and activities, like music and travel, and then lets you know the sign you fit best with.

To play it, adjust the scales according to how you feel about the given keywords. Have a preview of the in-depth quiz and take it here.

The Last Zodiac Compatibility Test You'll Ever Need To Take

Which sign are you actually compatible with?

Screenshot via BuzzFeed

Screenshot via BuzzFeed

Screenshot via BuzzFeed

Screenshot via BuzzFeed
[via BuzzFeed, cover image via Elizabeth Tsung (CC0)]
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