Trump threatens to put Clinton jail, taking the entire Republican Party down with him

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Another debate full of … crazy. But Donald Trump declaring that Hillary Clinton “would be in jail” if he won made this a perfect night for Democrats up and down the ballot—from Clinton on down.

That segment alone ensured that the Republican base—already unconcerned about Trump’s “pussy” remarks—would be particularly amped up. To them, Trump’s validation of their “lock her up” chants signaled a debate victory so huge, you have never seen such a victory before in the history of the world!

Never mind that Trump’s real challenge was to expand his base of support, given that he’s already losing big. But he didn’t care about that. He spoke directly to his base, and to them, this was everything they could’ve hoped for and more. They are madly in love.

But back in the real world, downballot Republicans are panicking, with many having already fled that sinking ship. But not only is their newfound independence too little, too late, but Trump’s successful rallying of his base last night made it harder for more Republicans to follow suit—something virtually all of them want to.

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