Latinos Sound Off On The Worst Of The Second Presidential Debate


The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Sunday evening seemed to leave many Latinos disappointed.

In the minutes after the event, which took place at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, HuffPost Latino Voices asked its followers on Twitter to share what they felt were the best and worst parts of the debate. The highlights were, not surprisingly, few and far between. Thankfully, the folks on Twitter still had their good humor to fall back on:

But Latinos on Twitter seemed most inspired when asked about the negative aspects of the debate, and they began with how Donald Trump addressed (or completely avoided answering) certain questions.

Many had bones to pick with the GOP presidental nominee for continuously discussing Latino and African Americans within the context of inner city violence and poverty. Pretty much exactly what he did in the first debate, too.

Some Latinos tweeted about how they were also irked by how Trump referenced them by using “Latino” and “Hispanic” simultaneously. (For the record, these terms are not interchangeable.)

And others pointed to how the GOP candidate deflected questions about his lewd comments in an audio recording from 2005, in which Trump is heard saying he can grab women “by the pussy.”

During the debate Trump brushed off the comments as “locker room talk,” and Latinos were not having it.

But by far the most disappointing aspect of the debate for many Latinos on Twitter was the absence of an immigration policy question for either candidate. Though there was significant time spent on questions about how the Syrian refugee crisis would be handled.

Did these folks miss anything? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the second presidential debate.

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