The Cosmic Light of NAP Laser Etched URI LED Light Bulbs


The Cosmic Light of NAP Laser Etched URI LED Light Bulbs

Has there been a more exciting time for lighting lovers as today? LED technology has revived what was a dimming category that long suffered under the uninspiring limitations of CFLs and the energy-hunger of incandescents only a few years ago. A new generation of bulbs has emerged, ones both beautiful while on or off. Add Hong Kong NAP’s URI LED Light Bulbs to this growing list…


Inspired by the astronomical, each of the URI bulbs represent a celestial element, each comprised of six pieces of laser cut/etched acrylic glass: Venus, Mars, Earth, Wave, Sun, and Jupiter. The 3W – equivalent to 25 watt – light source is reflected from the bottom to the transparent acrylic glass, resulting in a dramatic pattern in pleasing and atmospheric 2700K warm white light.


The name “URI” refers to the gods’ light in Greek





The URI LED bulb is available for pre-order in both pendant and table versions – small and large options – starting from $49, with scheduled shipments arriving in December this year. More information about the URI bulbs and availability over at Indiegogo.

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