Hilarious ‘SNL’ Skit Answers One of the Greatest Mysteries in ‘Stranger Things’


Never one to miss a trick when it comes to having a laugh at the expense of other TV shows, Saturday Night Live has answered one of the burning questions about Stranger Things: where the hell are Lucas’s parents?

The funny sketch is framed as a sneak preview of Season 2, with Lucas’s parents – played by Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson – demanding that their son returns home and stops searching for Will in the “Upside-Down” netherworld. “It’s like the normal world, but it’s scary and there’s danger at every turn,” Lucas tells his parents. Jones responds, “Baby, people who look like us already live in the upside-down.”

After nailing some of the Netflix show’s other absurdities, like Winona Ryder’s character getting confused and talking to Christmas lights, the Lin-Manuel Miranda-hosted sketch jokes that, even in a world with a demogorgon on the loose, the real “monster” for Lucas’s parents is the police.

Check it out above. After you’ve finished, watch the SNL team mock Donald Trump’s audio tape scandal.

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