Celine Dion Celebrates 1,000 Vegas Shows, Says She Was ‘The Accident’ Of Her Family


Celine Dion stood on the stage at Caesars Palace on Saturday and thought about all that has changed over the last 13 years. That was the first time she took the stage at her legendary Las Vegas show — that was also one thousand shows ago.

“I don’t feel that old,” Dion, 48, told the crowd of four thousand people, many of whom wore customized lanyards that reflected the momentous occasion.

Throughout her 90 minute show, Dion whipped through her hits and even covered a couple Prince songs. Of course, as anyone who has seen any of the previous 999 shows knows, she also talked.

“By now you know basically everything about me,” she said. “I’m one of 14 kids. You knew that. My dad didn’t want any kids. They call me ‘The Accident.’ I bet you didn’t know that.”

Considering she’s one of the most successful artists of all time, she’s certainly not a bad accident.

Her return to the Caesars Palace stage comes after a highly successful European and North American tour that she went on following the death of her husband Rene Angelil in January.

“He’s here tonight with us, I’m pretty sure,” she said.

Since taking the Vegas stage on March 25, 2003, Dion has redefined Las Vegas entertainment, paving the way for superstar residency shows by the likes of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Lionel Richie.

During her performance on Saturday, Dion thanked the four million fans who have attended her shows thus far. In one of the more emotional moments, she stood next to a piano to thank Pink for writing a song for her called “Recovery,” which she performed. The song, Dion said, was given to her during one of her “time of grieving.”

“I got an unexpected gift from a someone I love and respect tremendously, the singer Pink,” Dion said. “Because I don’t write my own songs, I’m at the mercy of songwriters. For an artist to give a song to another one has to be the ultimate gift.”

She was given a standing ovation for the song, as she was for many of the songs she performed that evening.

“This reminds me of such beautiful, intense memories,” she said, referring to her first show in Caesars’ Colosseum. “Tonight, I really feel like we’re living that kind of emotion. Thank you a thousand times for your support.”

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