Ambulance ends up getting stuck in Sainsbury’s car park during emergency

Newport,Hampshire Monday 10th October 2016 Paramedic left red faced after getting stuck in Sainsbury Carp Park. The number plate fits the bill AHA Ambulances had An Accident . Not only did he the medic mange to smash off all the lights he got wedged good and true.. but after deflating the tyres and having Seven Sainsburys staff stand in the back all was ok ©UKNIP
This paramedic was left embarrassed after his ambulance got stuck in a Sainsbury’s car park (Picture: UKNIP)

This ambulance driver was left embarrassed after he ended up getting stuck in a car park while attending an emergency.

The paramedic had been called to an emergency at Sainsbury’s, in Newport, Hampshire, yesterday, when… Read the full story

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