UK Cabinet Bans Apple Watch Over Russian Hacking Concerns


A report out of the United Kingdom claims that the government has banned cabinet members from wearing an Apple Watch to cabinet meetings as there are concerns about the Russians hacking the smartwatch’s microphone to eavesdrop. The government is reportedly worried that the Russians can hack into the Apple Watch’s microphone to listen in on high-level meetings about the government’s policies.

The United Kingdom isn’t the only country that’s concerned about the Russians hacking it. The United States has had this concern for a very long time, and it recently pointed the finger formally at Russia for cyberattacks that it says are meant to undermine the upcoming presidential elections in the country.

It’s not unusual for the Apple Watch to be banned from cabinet meetings. The Telegraph hears from a source in the United Kingdom who said “The Russians are trying hack everything,” so the government’s concerns are justified. Cabinet members are already banned from bringing cellphones to meetings so it was only a matter of time before this also applied to smartwatches.

In an increasingly connected world with devices that make it very easy to get in touch with people you love and care about, real cyber security issues persist, even more so for governments who have their own interests to protect so it’s not unusual to see them banning modern technology from their conference rooms.

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