Lady Gaga’s Latest Album Leaked By Amazon Echo


Lady Gaga’s latest album is called Joanne and she has gradually been teasing some of the new songs that are part of this record. It’s just one of those controlled release strategies that we’ve seen artists employ time and time again, but the Amazon Echo has revealed more than what she would have wanted. Amazon’s smart speaker has actually been playing previews of unreleased songs from Joanne.

Some Lady Gaga fans who happen to have an Amazon Echo speaker discovered that it was possible to ask the speaker to “play Joanne by Lady Gaga” and it would comply by playing 30-second previews of songs from her latest album that haven’t even been revealed yet.

This trick only worked with the Amazon Echo because it wasn’t possible to replicate the result on Amazon’s own website, Spotify or Apple Music. This trick only worked for those located in the United States and it has since been shot down. Echo will no longer play previews of unreleased songs.

Lady Gaga officially announced her new album last month. It’s named after her aunt Joanne Germanotta, who passed away from Lupus at the age of 19 back in 1974. Joanne is going to be officially released on October 21st.

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