Donald Trump leaves the fact checkers in a smoking heap


At this point, it's easier to keep track of the things Donald Trump says that are factual as opposed to his seemingly endless lies. You know the old joke, about how you can tell a politician is lying because his mouth is open? It's not a joke when it comes to Trump. In pretty much every statement he made last night, Trump included a lie. One reporter, the Toronto Star's Washington correspondent Daniel Dale, came up with a whopping 33 Trump lies in 40 minutes of talking (a lie for every 1.2 minutes), while finding five from Hillary Clinton.


In real-time fact-checking last night, The New York Times came up with 20 false, misleading, or just iffy Trump statements, to Hillary Clinton's two. Politico counted 13 Trump lies, to Clinton's two.

Here are some of Trump’s many whoppers.
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