Clinton Super PAC ad capitalizes on Trump video


Looking to drive home Democrats’ message that Donald Trump is sexist, Priorities USA, a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton, is out with a new ad capitalizing on recently surfaced video footage showing Trump demeaning women and bragging about sexual assault.

The ad — released Monday, three days after The Washington Post published the bombshell video from 2005 — looks to strike a contrast between the comments caught on the tape, which have created a widespread panic in the Republican Party, and Trump’s response to the controversy.

In line with the Clinton campaign’s strategy so far, the Priorities USA spot relies on Trump’s own words in an effort to undermine and portray him as unfit for office. It starts with Trump’s reaction to the criticism on Sunday night in his second debate with Clinton in St. Louis, where he claimed that “nobody has more respect for women and I do.” The ad then launches into a montage of instances when Trump had disparaged women before, including comments he made last week complaining that a former Miss Universe had gained too much weight.

The last of the clips is from the 2005 video, in which Trump says of a married woman, “I moved on her like a bitch.” (The ad censors that last word.)

In the fallout following the tape’s emergence, some Republican strategists worry that the revelations could effectively kill their nominee's chance at winning the presidency, given his existing deficit with female voters and his need to court suburban women in particular.

Already, dozens of Republican elected officials have denounced Trump over the video, including some who have rescinded their endorsements.

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