Donald Trump's weird physical aggression does not look less weird or aggressive the morning after


Donald Trump went into Sunday night’s debate with a lot of attention on his treatment of women. You might have thought discussion of whether he was a sexual predator would make him extra careful not to look like a sexual predator, but you’d have been wrong. Trump’s creepy body language was widely noticed by debate watchers. Erin Gloria Ryan nails the description:

He lumbered awkwardly around the stage, seemingly unaware of how to stand like a human person. He didn’t seem to know what to do with his face, licking his lips and appearing distracted when he wasn’t the one doing the talking. He loomed over Hillary Clinton, stalking behind her and glaring at her as she answered questions, in a manner that many women might recognize as the sort of way a man who is trying to physically intimidate them might act.

Twitter had a lot to say:


There’s much more, because Trump spent a lot of time being creepy. It’s almost like the man who bragged about kissing women and grabbing their genitals without consent doesn’t know how to share space with a woman in a respectful and appropriate way. Go figure.

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