Mike Pence, Republican savior, says he never ever thought of leaving his Donald


Over the weekend, Mike Pence became the Republican Party’s Obi-wan Kenobi, as GOP minds across the nation cried out in print and by video that he was the party’s only hope.

Kelly Ayotte: I will be writing in Governor Pence on Election Day.

Mike Crapo: Allow the Republican Party to put forward a conservative candidate like Mike Pence who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

Dan Sullivan: I will support Mike Pence for President.

Dennis Daugaard: Donald Trump should withdraw in favor of Governor Mike Pence.

These messages (and many others) reached Pence in the wilds of Indiana, where he was hiding in his cave after canceling a New Jersey fundraiser.

But all those voices crying out can now be silent. Since Donald Trump failed to explode into little orange bits at the second presidential debate, Mike Pence has retaken his place at the master's side.

Gov. Mike Pence said Monday that he did not consider leaving Donald Trump's presidential ticket, saying it's the "greatest honor of my life" to be nominated by the Republican Party as Trump's running mate.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Mike Pence is totally okay with Donald Trump’s sexual assault tape, because it was “just talk.”

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