Hawks fans aren’t sure their team changed for the better


The Hawks will certainly be different with Dwight Howard in town and Dennis Schroder firmly entrenched as the starter. Will they be better? Ehhhh.

Following another sweep at the hands of the Cavaliers, the Hawks knew they needed to make changes. Those changes: swapping Al Horford for Dwight Howard and turning the keys over to Dennis Schroder. The net result is a Hawks team that enters the year as a complete mystery.

Brad Rowland, an editor at Peachtree Hoops and the host of the Locked On Hawks podcast, isn’t so sure about this Hawks team either. He joins the show to discuss the following:

  • How the rumors that swirled around last year’s trade deadline acted as a precursor to the summer changes.
  • Why didn’t the Hawks just keep Al Horford?
  • Is there a scenario where Dwight Howard looks like the Dwight of old? Or is he simply unable and unwilling to change his game?
  • Is Dennis Schroder too erratic to serve as the full-time point guard now that Jeff Teague is gone, or will he give the Hawks a dimension they lacked?
  • Why does it seem like there’s more optimism locally for the Hawks than nationally?

We also get into Kyle Korver’s down season, the next graduate of the famed Hawks University player development factory, and marketing ideas to follow the famous annual Swipe Right Night.

Next up: the Boston Celtics.

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