Has Home Depot Inc.'s Growth Just Begun?


Home Depot's (NYSE: HD) business has been on an epic run lately. Annual revenue shot up to an $89 billion pace last year, up from $75 billion in 2012. And net earnings clocked another double-digit increase to pass $7 billion -- almost double 2012's result.

If you believe management, though, the retailer is just getting started. In fact, Home Depot targets passing $100 billion of annual revenue in just a few years. Let's look at why the home improvement giant is so bullish on its outlook despite weak overall economic growth.

Market share gains have been the big story for Home Depot investors lately, as comparable-store sales consistently trounced rival Lowe's (NYSE: LOW). The comps outperformance has been big enough that Home Depot grew faster than its key competitor despite holding its U.S. store base steady while Lowe's opens dozens of new locations per year.

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