Podesta tried to woo O'Malley into endorsing Clinton in February


Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta appears to have reached out to Martin O’Malley on Feb. 23, a few weeks after he ended his short-lived presidential bid, seeking an endorsement.

“You in any mood to talk to me?” Podesta emailed the former Maryland governor, according to new messages published by Wikileaks Monday morning, the second batch of emails that had been hacked from Podesta’s personal email account.

The Clinton campaign has not confirmed nor denied the veracity of the emails.

“Want to know how you are doing and interested to get your observations and advice,” Podesta wrote to the one-time Hillary Clinton rival. “We would, of course, love to get your support.”

But O’Malley didn’t immediately offer it up.

“Thanks for reaching out. I'm good. No money, but no real debt,” he responded. “Good to be home again actually. I'm now looking for work.” He noted that “HRC kindly called me a while back, very nice of her.”

And he offered some observations from his time on the trail. “When you think your country no longer works for you and your family, voting becomes solely an act of protest. Most Americans feel their own politicians have rigged the economic opportunity game against them. But you know all of that," O'Malley said.

O’Malley did not endorse Clinton until June.

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