Thumper Launches Three Days Early on PC and PS4


Thumper, the rhythm action game from developer Drool, launches today on PC and PlayStation 4 (in North America only) at 3 p.m. PT, three days ahead of its original release date of October 13. It costs $19.99.

PS4 players outside NA will get access as originally planned, on October 13.

"We wanted to surprise and reward gamers who have been waiting years for

to come out with the chance to play a bit sooner," Thumper co-creator Marc Flury told IGN regarding the decision to release a few days ahead of schedule..

Flury also says he hopes the early launch will clear up any confusion about Thumper being a VR-exclusive experience, and encourage players to try it out in its non-VR form before PlayStation VR hits shelves this Wednesday.

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