Bruce Campbell on Ash vs Evil Dead's Most Insane Scene Yet


Full spoilers for Ash vs Evil Dead continue below. And if you haven't seen last night's Ash episode yet, "The Morgue," you won't truly understand the depravity of the scene described below.

Watching Bruce Campbell run around a morgue with his head shoved up through a dead body's anus, grappling with its Evil-animated colon, is exactly the type of scene you expect to see on the set of Ash vs Evil Dead, and exactly the type that no amount of preparation can make you ready for.

The "a--hat" scene made its debut during Sunday's "The Morgue," almost five months after I saw Campbell filming the sequence. Because Ash vs Evil Dead sticks to using practical effects for these complicated stunts, this scene involved take after take of Ash Williams fighting against the possessed colon determined to kill him, and take after take of Campbell's head sliding up through the corpse's butt and past its Prince Albert -- a prop added to emphasize just how insane the entire sequence is, even for Evil Dead standards.

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