On the Joy of Bathing in Remainer Tears. And Other Brexit Pleasures…


Here’s a speech on Brexit I gave recently to the Bruges Group which most of you will enjoy because it features: A bit where I describe the joy of bathing in Remainer tears and watching the inconsolable BBC presenters trying to come to terms with the horror of the result the morning after the vote. More jokes at the expense of the BBC, including a digression about what an alien would make of Britain if he drew his conclusions on our nature, character and interests merely by watching and listening to the BBC. (“I see that you are passionately interested in diversity…”) More gloating. Some sound observations on the artificial distinction between “Soft” Brexit and “Hard” Brexit which is, of course, entirely the creation of bitter Remoaners hell bent on sabotaging the democratic will of the British people. “Soft” Brexit is their codephrase for the Status Quo Ante: basically, they want to fudge it so that Leave doesn’t mean Leave at all, so that we remain stuck with the EU’s regulations on freedom of movement in return for the privilege of staying stuck within the regulatory regime of the single market to no obvious benefit whatsoever. The sad thing is that since
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