Megyn Kelly has a strong opinion about who won last night’s debate


Fox News host Megyn Kelly offered a strong opinion about who won Sunday evening’s debate during her coverage of the event.

“Who won? Hillary? Donald? Certainly not America, judging by what we saw in that 90 minutes and the reaction that we saw on social media,” she said after the debate.

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“At times it was uncomfortable in that room,” she continued. “You can feel the anger between the candidates at times. She accused him of being unfit, of being a liar, saying his campaign is exploding, saying he has run a hateful, divisive campaign. He accused her of being the devil and said she ought to be in jail, and she will be if he becomes president of the United States. She ought to be ashamed of herself, he said, saying she has tremendous hate in her heart.”

“But she is a fighter and she likes his kids,” Kelly added. “Those are the two nice things they managed to say about each other in what was a debate unlike any we have seen in U.S. history.”

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