Clown Craze Has Made Its Way To England, Except Their Clowns Are Total P*ssies


(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Is anyone surprised by this? No, of course not. We’re talking about both the fact that the clown craze has made it’s way across the pond, and the fact that their clowns are way less legit than ours. I mean, not that our clowns being far more committed is a good thing — but if you’re gonna do something, might as well do it well, right?

We take you know to the presumably cold Plymouth, England, where 22-year-old George Birkbeck was strolling (because the English probably say strolling instead of walking) home around 10 PM on a Friday night when he encountered a clown. At first glance, one would be terrified, but after about 5 seconds it’s clear that this clown is just like Britain during the civil war: all talk.

Birkberk said the clown refused to move out of his way, so he simply whipped out a beer bottle. The clown surrendered faster than the Brits at the Battle of Saratoga.

Birkbeck wrote on Facebook:

“He stood in my way and wouldn’t let me pass and had what looked like a hammer in hand. I decided to film this in case it was my last moments on earth and even in death it would be a joke as I got killed by a clown. Seriously – stay safe out there guys these things are scary and I don’t recommend that anyone else charges towards them if you see one. I had a rush of blood and got lucky that this one was more of a p*ssy than I am.”

This comes during a rise in clown sightings across England. Police said there were multiple reports of people dressed as clowns across the town Plymouth last Thursday – with one confirmed report on a school bus. Children reported being chased through Plymouth woods by clowns carrying knives, or approached in the street.

If America and England can agree on anything: it’s that this clown bullshit needs to stop (and that Canada is hilarious).

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