Two trailers for the “Doctor Who” teen spin-off have debuted and it looks INSANE.


It’s not a secret that we’re pretty big fans of Doctor Who. In fact, we positively love the long-running British science fiction TV show. We cried when Rose left, we get upset every time the Doctor regenerates (omg), and we’ve devoured every spin-off show that’s been born.

We totally loved Torchwood, which ran for four seasons including a pairing up with us network Starz, and we even liked the children’s show, The Sarah Jane Adventures.

So, when we learned that there was going to be a brand new teen spin-off of Doctor Who it’s safe to say that we were pretty excited.

Doctor Who

Billed as a combination of Degrassi (!), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (!!!!), The Hunger Games, and, well, Doctor Who, the show, titled Class, centers around a group of teenagers who have to battle monsters, aliens, and probably humans, too (as it’s always the humans who are the worst culprits and villains in Doctor Who).

The four main cast members, played by newcomers Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins, and Vivian Oparah, will also face the everyday problems that teens do, such as heartbreak, emotional issues, and just growing up. Basically, this show sounds like it could be amazing. What’s more, the Doctor himself will make an appearance in the first episode.

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