Monday's Morning Email: Trump Shrugs Off Lewd Comments In Second Presidential Debate



FOLLOWING TURMOIL, TRUMP TRIES TO SHRUG OFF CONTROVERSY IN DEBATE In the second presidential debate, Donald Trump brushed off leaked audio that caught him describing sexual assault, calling his words “locker room talk.” The GOP nominee also threatened to jail Hillary Clinton if he wins, an unprecedented move in a U.S. presidential debate. As for overall performance, as Howard Fineman put it: Trump may have landed a punch or two, but he’s knocking himself out. Here’s a complete rundown of everything that happened at the debate, along with a video recap. And folks did not love Trump looming behind Clinton. [Ryan Grim, Amanda Terkel and S.V. Date, HuffPost]

A CAMPAIGN IN TURMOIL After a weekend of speculation over whether Mike Pence would leave the ticket, the vice presidential candidate tweeted out his congratulations to Trump on his debate performance. However, Pence reportedly canceled a Monday fundraiser, and Trump mentioned in the debate that the two had not spoken. And Donald Trump’s campaign manager made quite the gaffe after the debate when she said she was with the campaign until the bitter end, “Unless...” [Zach Carter, HuffPost]

HURRICANE MATTHEW KILLS OVER 900 IN HAITI, 17 IN U.S. The storm, which had ravaged Haiti and the Caribbean, weakened to a Category 1 as it made landfall in South Carolina over the weekend. In Haiti, a cholera resurgence looms in the wake of the devastation. [Reuters]

DEVASTATING FUNERAL AIRSTRIKE PROMPTS A REVIEW OF U.S. SUPPORT FOR THE WAR IN YEMEN After an attack on a funeral left over 140 dead, the White House is saying Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a”blank check” for U.S. security cooperation. A U.S. Navy ship was targeted Sunday in a missile strike in retaliation for U.S. involvement in the conflict. And here’s how President Barack Obama could end the slaughter in Yemen in hours. [Akbar Shahid Ahmed, HuffPost]

BILLY BUSH SUSPENDED FROM THE ‘TODAY’ SHOW For his part in the now-infamous Donald Trump 2005 “Access Hollywood” video. [Steven Hoffer, HuffPost]

DOZENS HURT IN LONG ISLAND TRAIN DERAILMENT The accident happened nine days after the Hoboken train crash. [Reuters]

PROFESSORS FROM MIT AND HARVARD WIN NOBEL PRIZE IN ECONOMICS Congrats to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström on the award, which they won “for their contributions to contract theory.” [Reuters]


SAY IT AIN’T SO Nestle is recalling some of its ice cream drumsticks after the factory in which they were made tested positive for Listeria. [CNN]

AND THE NEWS KEEPS GETTING WORSE FOR SAMSUNG The company has suspended all production on its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports that the replacement phones were also having fire issues. [CNBC]

THE BEE THAT COULD “A team of researchers scours the wilds of northern Alaska for Bombus polaris, a big bee that has adapted to the cold and that can teach them more about the effects of climate change.” [NYT]

THINK YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO MAKE GENIUS MODERN ART? Then the Turnip Prize is definitely for you. [HuffPost]

THE RISE OF ‘UNPLUGGED’ TOURISM “If a tree falls in the Amazon, but you don’t capture it on Snapchat, did it actually fall? I had the thought while hiking through the rainforest, on the third day of a digital detox that was slowly killing me.” [Motherboard]

JUST KEEP SWIMMING “Finding Dory” has topped $1 billion at the global box office, while “Girl on the Train” won this weekend with $24.7 million. [Box Office Mojo]


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