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Well, we survived.

That’s usually something I say on Fridays, referring to having survived another week. But now I have to use it in reference to our weekends, as well.

And, oh my, what a weekend it was! I was all set to pre-record a show for today, since my kids will be home from school. And I did actually record a lot of material for that, but with all that happened over the weekend, I actually got a couple of pleas via Twitter to do a live show. So I’ll save the recorded material for Wednesday. You won’t want to miss that show.

Or today’s, for that matter. My plan for the morning: to sputter and stammer for a few minutes, seemingly paralyzed by the sheer volume of material that would under normal circumstances have stopped the Republican campaign in its tracks. Then, Greg Dworkin will probably talk a little bit about Trump cratering in the polls taken before this weekend.

And then, we’ll wrestle with how much of what developed in the last few days can be said on the air, without risking the broadcast licenses of our regular radio partners.

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It was a dark and stormy night. Last night, Armando and Vanilla Ice were in Florida riding out Hurricane Mathew. Today, David Waldman transmits KITM from an undisclosed kitchen near Washington DC, as their deplorable thoughts, which is probably worse than not thinking thoughts at all. Republicans seek shelter way deep inside their bubble. Greg Dworkin brings the sunshine: The polls are looking strong for Hillary Clinton, especially with Latinos, and the unemployment rate is the lowest in over a decade. Ah, but there are clouds: Antisemitism is the in-thing with the cool Trumpsters. Women remain scary and motivating to Trump voters as well. Somali immigrants give them jitters too. Katrina Pierson sums it all up for those that didn’t hear the dog-whistles. Michael Moore is so scared of Trump that he seems to have fallen in love. Bill O’Reilly did not sense enough Asian fear and hate, and sent Jessie Watters to Chinatown. New York. A man shot and killed his wife, and blames it on his fear of Black Lives Matter. Breitbart chuckleheads attempt to smear Hillary as “combative” for trying to protect bunnies. Everyone loves bunnies. How will Republicans reconcile and renew after Trump goes away? Or will they just cheerfully pretend he never happened? Is that a bazooka in Paul Ryan’s pocket? Maybe Sunday’s town hall debate will turn it all around. You heard it here first, now read Part One of the untold story of Trump model management (and trafficking). KITM has another correspondent! John R, JJR1971 to you, reports that Texas schools are still fighting decades-old desegregation orders.

(Thanks again to Scott Anderson for the show summary!)
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