German Police Detain Syrian Man Suspected of Planning Bomb Attack


German police arrested on Monday a man suspected of planning a bomb attack who escaped authorities during a Saturday raid.Twenty-two year-old Syrian refugee Jaber Albakr was detained overnight after a nationwide hunt that ended in the eastern state of Leipzig.Police have been looking for Albakr after they found several hundred grams of explosives in his apartment in Chemnitz.Local media say police found Albakr after another Syrian called authorities. The suspect is believed to have connections to Islamic extremist groups.A spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor's Office, who spoke with broadcaster SWR on Sunday, said “the overall picture of the investigation, in particular the amount of explosive found, suggests that the person was planning to carry out an Islamist-motivated attack.”Albakr had been in Germany since 2015, when he was officially recognized as a refugee. He is originally from the Damascus area of Syria.The suspicion of a Syrian refugee involved in a potential terrorist attack is undesirable news for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has lost support from far-right voters over her open-door migration policy.The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for attacks that happened in July on a train in Wuerzburg and at a music festival in Ansbach. At least 20 people were wounded.

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