Just like the Brexit vote, the Colombian referendum was corrupted by lies | Juan Gabriel Vásquez


The country’s voters rejected a peace deal with the Farc guerrillas. But their decision was swayed by an opposition leader who will do anything for power

The rejection of the Colombian peace deal took us all by surprise. It surprised, first of all, those who rejected it, for they had already voiced their conviction that the country was a dictatorship and the referendum was rigged.

The political cartoonist Héctor Osuna, whose clear-sightedness is already a thing of the past, published a regrettable column in which he accused the government of spending our money in elections that were not truly free; a spokesman for the Democratic Center, the main leaders of opposition both to the deals and to the process itself, stated that the Farc guerrillas had “moved on to politics” and that this fact “needed to be respected”.

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