Charity begins in Nepal with HP cartridges


HP is ignoring our request for a refund on cartridges that don’t fit a Malaysian printer bought to help earthquake victims

We are a small Lancashire-based charity that operates in Nepal helping people affected by last year’s terrible earthquakes. To save local villagers a six-hour bus ride to get papers and ID scanned, we bought a HP printer and ink cartridges in Malaysia for use in Nepal. It proved a big hit.

When we needed more ink cartridges I bought £200-worth at our local Tesco. The only problem is that UK-bought cartridges won’t work in a Malaysian printer. So we sent the unused ones to HP and asked it to exchange or refund them. However, despite several letters and phone calls, HP refuses to respond. We can’t afford to lose the £160. Can you help? JPH, Farnworth, Lancs

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